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AP Euro Study Guide 2: Religious Wars Test

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  1. Spanish Netherlands
  2. Benefices
  3. Quakers
  4. Jesuits
  5. Melancthon
  1. a Church offices granted by the ruler of the state or the pope to an individual. The selling of positions.
  2. b Was the Protestant country that was controlled by Spain, and therefore was in constant revolt against Spain.
  3. c Also known as the Society of Jesus; founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) as a teaching and missionary order to resist the spread of Protestantism.
  4. d Lutheran that oversaw education reforms in Germany and wrote the book, On Improving the Studies of the Young.
  5. e People that believed women could preach because of equal rights.

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  1. Protestant alliance formed by Lutherans against the HRE/Charles V
  2. After St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, Elizabeth the I signed it to provide English soldiers and cavalry to the Netherlands (1585)
  3. Institution of the Catholic Church that sought to eliminate heresy by seeking out and punishing heretics
  4. A book written by Cervantes. The book was written to satirize the chivalric romances then in popular Spain.
  5. Title given by Pope Paul III to England's Henry VIII prior to England's break from the Catholic church.

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  1. William of OrangeFrench document signed by Henry IV in 1598 which granted Huguenots some measure of religious freedom.


  2. Christian IVKing of Denmark that was defeated by Germany and gave Maximilian I power.


  3. Edict of RestitutionIn 1581, Dutch denounced Phillip II and declared Dutch republic.


  4. Thirty Year's WarHapsburg monarch who served as both king of Spain and HR Emperor and tried to outlaw Protestantism in the empire.


  5. KnoxLeader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.


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