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  1. Sweden
  2. Cardinal Granvelle
  3. Zwingli
  4. Defenestration of Prague
  5. Edward VI
  1. a Swiss reformer that causes the 1st break with the CC. His goal was to break away from CC and establish a theocracy in Zurich. His beliefs were similar to Luther's.
  2. b One of the winners of the 30YW.
  3. c Son of Jane Seymour and Henry VII. His nobles followed Protestant policies. Died in 1553. His half sister Mary came into power.
  4. d Lieutenant of Phillip II who checked Protestant gains by internal church reforms. He wanted to break down local autonomy of the Netherlands.
  5. e This event occurred when Ferdinand tried to end the Protestant Bohemian's religious freedom, and that retaliated by throwing two imperial ministers out the window.

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  1. A french regent to her sons. She allowed St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre to support Catholics. She was also a politque.
  2. He was sent by Phillip II to "pacify" Netherlands, establishes Council of Blood- 12,000 people killed in one day
  3. Leader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.
  4. Posting of the 95 Theses
  5. King that broke with church for political reasons. He wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, but couldn't. Broke ties with the CC and replaced it with the Church of England which was basically CC without a pope.

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  1. HuguenotsAlso known as the Society of Jesus; founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) as a teaching and missionary order to resist the spread of Protestantism.


  2. BohemiaPortion of the HRE in which Protestants rebelled against the Austrian Hapsburgs in 1681.


  3. Spanish ArmadaWas the Protestant country that was controlled by Spain, and therefore was in constant revolt against Spain.


  4. Institutes of the Christian ReligionTitle given by Pope Paul III to England's Henry VIII prior to England's break from the Catholic church.


  5. Anne BoleynHapsburg general who led the HRE in winning what is known as the Danish phase of the war.


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