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  1. transubstantiation
  2. theocracy
  3. the Downs
  4. Latin Vulgate Bible
  5. Anne Boleyn
  1. a Young court woman that Henry VII wanted to marry.
  2. b The term used to describe the changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ .
  3. c Declared by the Catholic Church as the only acceptable form of scripture.
  4. d At the Battle of _______, the Dutch destroyed a Spanish armada of 77 ships, contributing to the permanent of Spanish naval power in the Atlantic.
  5. e A church run state.

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  1. Document that recognized the Dutch Netherlands' independence from Spain (1648)
  2. Ananbaptists, Mennonites, Spiritualists, and Anti-Trinitarians are all what?
  3. Church agent who sold indulgences in Bradenburg, North Germany. Convinced people to buy indulgences.
  4. People that believed women could preach because of equal rights.
  5. King that broke with church for political reasons. He wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, but couldn't. Broke ties with the CC and replaced it with the Church of England which was basically CC without a pope.

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  1. HuguenotsFrench Calvinists


  2. Elizabeth IOfficial beginning of the Protestant reform. Wrote the 95 Theses, Addresses to the Nobility of the German Nation, and Freedom of a Christian.


  3. ConsistoryTown seized by Anabaptists in which they combined religious fanaticism with reign of terror. They burned all books other than the bible. The leader was John Bockleson.


  4. Cardinal WolseyHenry VIII's chief advisor that tried to help the pope annul Henry VIII.


  5. Edict of NantesCharles V summoned a council of German princes to talk about Luther.


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