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  1. Peace of Ausburg
  2. Bohemia
  3. Benefices
  4. Catholic Reformation
  5. companionate marriage
  1. a Marriage based on love; gave wives equality with their husbands.
  2. b Portion of the HRE in which Protestants rebelled against the Austrian Hapsburgs in 1681.
  3. c Religious reform movement within the Latin Christian Church, begun in response to the Protestant Reformation. It clarified Catholic theology and reformed clerical training and discipline.
  4. d Church offices granted by the ruler of the state or the pope to an individual. The selling of positions.
  5. e 1555 document signed in the HRE which allowed each German prince to choose the religion for his principality (Cuius regio, eius religio)

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  1. Hapsburg general who led the HRE in winning what is known as the Danish phase of the war.
  2. The Southern Catholic provinces united with the Northern Protestant provinces against Spain.
  3. Hapsburg king of Spain who chose Catholic rule incited the revolt in the Spanish Netherlands.
  4. Hapsburg monarch who served as both king of Spain and HR Emperor and tried to outlaw Protestantism in the empire.
  5. The issue between the Lutherans and Zwingli over the transubstantiation of communion.

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  1. Oath of AbjurationIn 1581, Dutch denounced Phillip II and declared Dutch republic.


  2. Leo XLeader of the Scottish Calvinists that preached the people could overthrow a corrupt prince to defend their beliefs and God's beliefs. He thought of the government as capitalist. Government had certain obligations to the people.


  3. MaryIntense Catholic English monarch that married Phillip of Spain to enforce Catholic policies. Alienated English People. Nicknamed "Bloody Mary." Died childless in 1558. Her half sister Elizabeth I was next in line for power.


  4. TetzelOfficial beginning of the Protestant reform. Wrote the 95 Theses, Addresses to the Nobility of the German Nation, and Freedom of a Christian.


  5. English ReformationInstitution of the Catholic Church that sought to eliminate heresy by seeking out and punishing heretics


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