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  1. Peace of Westphalia
  2. Diet of Worms
  3. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
  4. Advice on the Reform of the Church
  5. Spiritual Exercises
  1. a Book that blamed church for problems and called for reforms that would convince the Protestants to return to the the Catholic Church.
  2. b Treaty which ended the Thirty Years' War, reducing Spain and Austria's influence and continuing the division of the HRE into 3000 autonomous states.
  3. c Mass slaying of Huguenots (Calvinists) in Paris of 1572. Organized by Catherine de Medici.
  4. d Written by Ignatius of Loyola. This was a training manual for spiritual development and strengthened people to follow the will of God.
  5. e Charles V summoned a council of German princes to talk about Luther.

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  1. Documents issued to decrease the amount of time in purgatory.
  2. A special body of enforcing moral discipline that was set up as a court to oversee the moral life and doctrinal purity of the Genevans; had the right to punish people who deviated from the church's teachings and moral principals. (Council of 12 church elders)
  3. Wife of Henry VII that bore him a daughter, Mary, but not son.
  4. Document that recognized the Dutch Netherlands' independence from Spain (1648)
  5. Main port of the Spanish Netherlands that handed 50% of Europe's trade with the outside world.

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  1. Paul IIIHapsburg king of Spain who chose Catholic rule incited the revolt in the Spanish Netherlands.


  2. ZwingliSwiss reformer that causes the 1st break with the CC. His goal was to break away from CC and establish a theocracy in Zurich. His beliefs were similar to Luther's.


  3. QuakersOfficial beginning of the Protestant reform. Wrote the 95 Theses, Addresses to the Nobility of the German Nation, and Freedom of a Christian.


  4. Anabaptists40 different religion sects in Western Europe. They had a common practice of baptizing as adults. They applied ideas of Protestantism into civil life.


  5. Catherine de MediciReligious reform movement within the Latin Christian Church, begun in response to the Protestant Reformation. It clarified Catholic theology and reformed clerical training and discipline.


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