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  1. Charles V
  2. Institutes of the Christian Religion
  3. Sea Beggars
  4. Treaty of Munster
  5. Henry VIII
  1. a Document that recognized the Dutch Netherlands' independence from Spain (1648)
  2. b Calvinist leaders that gained control of some ports in the Northern Spanish Netherlands.
  3. c John Calvin's major work that established the theology and doctrine of the Calvinist churches; first published in 1536
  4. d King that broke with church for political reasons. He wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, but couldn't. Broke ties with the CC and replaced it with the Church of England which was basically CC without a pope.
  5. e Hapsburg monarch who served as both king of Spain and HR Emperor and tried to outlaw Protestantism in the empire.

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  1. 1st Bourbon king that passed the Edict of Nantes. His famous quote: "Paris is worth a mass"
  2. 1555 document signed in the HRE which allowed each German prince to choose the religion for his principality (Cuius regio, eius religio)
  3. doctrine of John Calvin that adhered to the idea that each person's fate is predetermined by god
  4. A church run state.
  5. Posting of the 95 Theses

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  1. Latin Vulgate BibleDeclared by the Catholic Church as the only acceptable form of scripture.


  2. indulgencesPeople that believed women could preach because of equal rights.


  3. Defenestration of PragueTitle given by Pope Paul III to England's Henry VIII prior to England's break from the Catholic church.


  4. Catholic ReformationReligious reform movement within the Latin Christian Church, begun in response to the Protestant Reformation. It clarified Catholic theology and reformed clerical training and discipline.


  5. Clement VIIPope that declared Henry VII was the Defender of the Faith.


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