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  1. a kingdom of eukaryotic organisms. They are heterotrophic and digest their food externally, absorbing nutrient molecules into their cells. Yeasts, molds, and mushrooms are examples.
  2. King Phylum went to Class in Order to show his Family that he was a Genius of his Species.
  3. The catch-all kingdom of mostly one-celled eukaryotic organisms; some are plant-like and some are animal-like. Algae is included in this kingdom.
  4. "other" + "eating" - organisms which feed on other plants and animals
  5. Kingdom of the most complex organisms; multi-cellular, heterotrophic, lack rigid cell walls, mobile, tissues in internal organs, sensory organs, nervous system

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  1. dichotomous keyseries of questions used to identify an organism


  2. 6 kingdomsAnimalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protists, Eubacteria, Archaebacteria


  3. 7 levels of taxonomyKingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species


  4. taxonomyAnimalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protists, Eubacteria, Archaebacteria


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