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  1. Profane
  2. Vapid
  3. Dictum
  4. Imprudent
  5. Chattel
  1. a Noun; a piece of property not real estate, furniture, slaves...etc
  2. b Adjective; not careful, rash, foolish
  3. c Adjective; without much life or flavor, dull
  4. d Noun; opinion or saying of an authority
  5. e Adjective; contempt or disregard of God or holy things

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  1. Verb; to wary, disgust, annoy
  2. Adjective; pleasingly odd or old fashioned
  3. Adjective; untouched or undamaged
  4. Noun; a list of works an actor or musician can perform
  5. Adjective; powerless

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  1. ContemptuousAdjective; vague, unclear


  2. SojournAdjective; quiet, not given to talking


  3. WallowAdjective; without much life or flavor, dull


  4. NebulousAdjective; vague, unclear


  5. TaciturnAdjective; quiet, not given to talking


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