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To Kill A Mockingbird (Vocabulary List 1) Test

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  1. Domicile
  2. Contemptuous
  3. Multitudes
  4. Vapid
  5. Probate
  1. a Adjective; without much life or flavor, dull
  2. b Adjective; disobedient, scornful
  3. c Noun; official proving of a will as genuine
  4. d Noun; crowds, gatherings
  5. e Verb; to dwell or reside
    Noun; a residence or home

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  1. Verb; look down upon someone as an inferior
  2. Noun; a liking or preference
  3. Noun; wicked or unjust act
  4. Noun; a piece of property not real estate, furniture, slaves...etc
  5. Adjective; native, originating in a place where found

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  1. CoveyNoun; a small flock or group


  2. DispensationNoun; an annoyance, disturbance, or trouble


  3. TaciturnAdjective; quiet, not given to talking


  4. SojournNoun; a brief stay or journey
    Verb; to stay for a time in a place, live temporarily


  5. ForayNoun; a raid for plunder or goods


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