CMST-10 textbook terms unit 1-3

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(monitoring our communication) we pay attention to our own communication, and the effect it has. we edit our thoughts before we say them.


communication about communication. this means that you are discussing the way you communicate, the process itself, whether in words or through your nonverbal communication.

dual perspective

we are able to understand both our own and another person's point of view, beliefs, thoughts, or feelings. (we also respect their right to a different point of view, even if we completely disagree)

self-serving bias

we are likely to claim the good results come from our own efforts, and negative results are someone else's fault


the ability to feel with another person, to be able to name what he/she is feeling

fundamental attribution error

we overestimate the internal cause of others undesirable behaviors and underestimate the external causes, and do the reverse for ourselves.


the active process of creating meaning by selecting, organizing, and interpreting what is happening, this includes objects, events, situations, other people, and so on.


the subjective process of explaining our perceptions in ways that make sense to us


communication within ourselves (internal communication)

social comparison

assessing ourselves in relation to others to form judgments of our own talents, abilities, etc. (and there is a social emphasis on perfection)

self- sabotage

the most crippling kind of self-talk, where we tell ourselves that we are no good, or can't do something, that there is no point to change, and so on.

particular/ significant others

specific people whose opinions of us are especially important to us


is an opinion, interpretation or a judgement. not objective, or factual.

direct definition

another's explicit labels of us and our behaviors AND reflected appraisal. both affect how we see ourselves.

reflected appraisal

another's view of us

rational-emotive approach to feelings

using our self-talk to question and challenge irrational thinking that undermines us

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