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  1. microvilli
  2. capsule
  3. lysosome
  4. ribosomes
  1. a digestive organelle where macromolecules are hydrolyzed
  2. b jellylike outer coating of many prokaryotes
  3. c projections that increase the cell's surface area
  4. d complexes that make proteins, free in cytosol or bound to rough ER or nuclear envelope

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  1. double membrane enclosing the nucleus, perforated by pores, continuous with ER
  2. prominent organelle in older plant cells, functions include storage, breakdown of waste products, hydrolysis of macromolecules, enlargement of vacuole is a major mechanism of plant growth
  3. rigid structure outside the plasma membrane
  4. engulfing smaller organisms or food particles by ameobas and other protists
  5. selective barrier that all cells have in common

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  1. nucleolusregion where the cell's DNA is located(not enclosed by a membrane)


  2. microtubulesbiggest of cytoskeleton, maintenance of cell shape, cell motility, chromosome movement in cell division, organelle movements


  3. Golgi apparatusorganelle active in synthesis, modification, sorting, and secretion of cell products, center of manufacturing, warehousing, sorting, and shipping for proteins


  4. cytoskeletonsemifluid, jellylike substance that is enclosed by the membrane in which organelles and other components are found


  5. peroxisomeregion where the cell's microtubules are initiated, contains a pair of centrioles


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