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  1. chromatin
  2. nucleolus
  3. microvilli
  4. nuclear envelope
  5. chromosomes
  1. a a structure involved in production of ribosomes, a nucleus has one or more nucleoli
  2. b material consisting of DNA and proteins, visible as individual chromosomes in a dividing cell
  3. c double membrane enclosing the nucleus, perforated by pores, continuous with ER
  4. d projections that increase the cell's surface area
  5. e carry genes in form of DNA

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  1. engulfing smaller organisms or food particles by ameobas and other protists
  2. rigid structure outside the plasma membrane
  3. maintenance of cell shape(tension bearing), formation of nuclear lamina, anchorage of nucleus and certain other organelles
  4. organelle with various specialized metabolic functions, produces hydrogen peroxide as a by-product, then converts it to water
  5. reinforces cell's shape, functions in cell movement, components are made of protein

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  1. microtubulesprojections that increase the cell's surface area


  2. centrosomedigestive organelle where macromolecules are hydrolyzed


  3. plasma membraneselective barrier that all cells have in common


  4. capsulejellylike outer coating of many prokaryotes


  5. fimbriaelocomotion organelles present in some animal cells, composed of a cluster of microtubules within an extension of the plasma membrane


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