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  1. Jeg har hyggelige kolleger.
  2. Jeg har lite ferie.
  3. Jeg liker ikke å arbeide med mennesker.
  4. Jeg treffer mange interessante mennesker.
  5. Jeg liker å arbeide med mennesker.
  1. a I like to work with people.
  2. b I have nice colleagues.
  3. c I have little vacation.
  4. d I don't like to work with people.
  5. e I meet many interesting people.

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  1. One cannot have a career in this job.
  2. I work overtime.
  3. I have a temporary position.
  4. I work the evening shift.
  5. One can have a career in this job.

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  1. Jeg har lite ansvar i denne jobben.I have little responsibility in this job.


  2. Jeg treffer ikke så mange mennesker.I don't meet so many people.


  3. Jeg har fast jobb.I don't have a steady job.


  4. Jeg ser de samme menneskene hver dag.I like to work with people.


  5. Jeg tjener dårlig.I earn a lot.


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