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  1. Jeg har høye bilutgifter.
  2. Jeg har en god jobb.
  3. Jeg har få utgifter.
  4. Jeg har ingen gjeld.
  5. Jeg tjener lite.
  1. a I have a good job.
  2. b I have no debt.
  3. c I have high car expenses.
  4. d I earn little.
  5. e I have few expenses.

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  1. I am dissatisfied with my finances.
  2. I have a bad salary.
  3. I spend the least money on clothing.
  4. I have high taxes.
  5. I can afford to buy a new car.

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  1. Jeg har lave boutgifter.I have low housing expenses.


  2. Jeg har stor gjeld.I have a large debt.


  3. Jeg ønsker meg ny datamaskin.I waste money.


  4. Jeg har lav skatt.I have low taxes.


  5. Jeg har stort studielån.I have a large student loan.


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