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  1. Evolutionary Perspective 2
  2. Peripheral Nervous System
  3. Cognitive Perspective 2
  4. Dorsal
  5. Internal validity
  1. a 1. Somatic Nervous System
    2. Autonomic Nervous System
  2. b Metaphor: the mind is like a computer, the brain is also a metaphor for the mind: an idea is a network of brain cells that are activated together
    Method: experimental method
    Data: quantitative empirical data (often memory and thought tasks; e.g., recall of word lists, reaction time tasks)
  3. c Top
  4. d Metaphor: We are all runners in a race, competing for survival, sexual partners, and resources.
    Methods: Mostly deductive, some experimental.
    Data: Often start with a known behavior in a species and attempt to explain it on the basis of logical arguments.
  5. e are the methods/procedures of the study sound or are they flawed?

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  1. We unconsciously decide what is cool, when objects we like or dislike are shown, different areas of the brain light up. Planning movement part of the brain was activated when people saw things that they wanted (reach out for them)
  2. How much are we different vs. how much are we the same?
  3. Back
  4. Examines interactions of individual psychology and group phenomena (e.g., when and why do people behave aggressively?)
  5. Below the cortex; contains the hypothalamus, thalamus, basal ganglia, and limbic system.

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  1. Hindbrainreduce pain and elevate mood (runner's high)


  2. Wilhelm WundtWrote the 1st psychology textbook "The principles of Psychology" 1890; proponent of functionalism


  3. VariabilityHow much participants' scores differ from one another, measured by range (can be biased by outliers). Standard Deviation: the amount the average participant deviated from the mean of the sample.


  4. At restRoof; controls vision and hearing


  5. Neurotransmitterschemicals that transmit information from one neuron to another, released in response to the action potential (stored in vesicles)


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