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  1. Conscious vs. Unconscious
  2. Neuromarketing
  3. Hyperpolarization
  4. Dorsal
  5. Endorphins
  1. a Top
  2. b reduce pain and elevate mood (runner's high)
  3. c We unconsciously decide what is cool, when objects we like or dislike are shown, different areas of the brain light up. Planning movement part of the brain was activated when people saw things that they wanted (reach out for them)
  4. d How much are we subjectively aware of our mental events?
  5. e Potassium flowing out of the membrane inhibits the neuron making it less likely to fire (-70mV to -90mV)

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  1. College students wrote for 20 minutes a day for three consecutive days (some wrote about emotions and the other group wrote strictly on what they did that day). Pennebaker measured both group's visits to the campus health center after the writing exercises and found that those who wrote about their emotions were healthier.
  2. continuous can be placed on a continuum (e.g., intelligence or body weight)
    categorical can take on fixed values (e.g., sex (male or female); had heart attack (y/n)).
  3. trade off which researchers must choose to place more emphasis on external validity or on internal validity.
  4. Human's with left-sided brain damage show evidence of language impairment
  5. H-shaped structure in the center is gray-colored and consists of cell bodies. The outer regions are white in appearance (due to myelin that surrounds axons).

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  1. Acetylcholine (ACh)involved in learning and memory and muscle contractions
    Alzheimer's- loss of ACh neurons


  2. Cross-Cultural Psychologistsobserve people in other cultures in their natural settings (e.g. they study the way economic realities shape child-rearing practices, which in turn mold personality)


  3. Superior Colliculusvisual


  4. Adaptive Traitsa term applied to traits that help organisms adjust to their environment


  5. Myelin Sheathderived from glial cells; insulates the axon and speeds up the conduction of nerve impulses (i.e., action potential)


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