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  1. At rest
  2. Cerebral Ventricles
  3. Somatic Nervous System
  4. Behaviorism Key Perspectives
  5. Psychodynamic Key Premises
  1. a 1. Environmentalism: all organisms, including humans, are shaped by the environment. 2. Experimentalism: experiments can reveal what aspects of the environment stimulate. 3. Optimism: people can be positive.
  2. b Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulates through the ventricles, provides a cushion from physical shock, carries away waste products and toxins, and carries nutritional substances/neurotransmitters to various cells.
    Hydrocephalus: an enlargement of the ventricles.
  3. c sodium ions cannot enter the membrane and potassium ions cant leave because their protein channels are closed.
  4. d Voluntary nervous system- involved in intentional actions (also posture and balance)
    Transmits sensory information to the central nervous system and carries out its intentional/voluntary motor commands
  5. e 1. Behavior is determined by a dynamic interplay between thoughts, feelings, and wishes. 2. Most mental events occur outside of conscious awareness. 3. Mental processes may conflict with one another, resulting in compromises.

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  1. Theory: a systematic way of organizing and explaining observations (a theory provides framework for generating a hypothesis: proposed cause-and-effect relationship between 2 or more variables.
  2. Back
  3. philosophers searched for answers using only logic and argumentation
  4. auditory
  5. if we want to understand the mind, we should investigate it scientifically

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  1. GABAresearched severed corpus callosum


  2. Cognitive SubdisciplineExamines the nature of thought, memory, sensation, perception, and language. (e.g., What causes memory loss?)


  3. DepolarizationPotassium flowing out of the membrane inhibits the neuron making it less likely to fire (-70mV to -90mV)


  4. VentralBottom


  5. Concentration GradientCauses ions to move through the membrane to the sides where they are less concentrated


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