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  1. culture diffusion
  2. social stratification
  3. austria
  4. bar graph, representative fraction, verbal statement
  5. italy
  1. a 3 ways cartographers display scale
  2. b mediterranean europe's most economically advanced
  3. c in EU, primate city:Vienna, one language
  4. d culture hearth traits spread to wider areas
  5. e population divided into a hierarchy of social classes

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  1. territorially larger over germany
  2. non-changing colonial system; perpetuates core advantages of the modern world
  3. a country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression
  4. first city in europe to reach a population of 1 million
  5. new crops from colonies; agricultural innovations; increased food production and population

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  1. irredentisma country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression


  2. centripetal forcesmost people live in southern part (warmer)


  3. latitude and longitudelocation relative to other places


  4. switzerlandcore city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery


  5. roman empirefirst city with over one million people


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