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  1. belgium (south)
  2. 2 New World Centers
  3. mercantilism
  4. culture diffusion
  5. latitude and longitude
  1. a Mesoamerica and Peruvian Andes
  2. b competitive wealth accumulation
  3. c identifies absolute locations
  4. d culture hearth traits spread to wider areas
  5. e benelex country: french; more control

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  1. exchange of goods to satisfy each other's demands; one area has a surplus of an item demanded by another
  2. older history and location over germany
  3. political, economical, cultural cooperation among 3 or more states for shared objectives
  4. devolution strong in basquez and catolonia
  5. ranching, animal products

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  1. transition zonearea of spatial change where boarders of two adjacent realms or region; gradual shift in neighboring realms' characteristics


  2. holocene epoch10,000 years ago-present; withdrawal of glaciers; rise of human civilizations; earliest environmental determinism


  3. bar graph, representative fraction, verbal statement3 ways cartographers display scale


  4. culturein EU, primate city:Vienna, one language


  5. highnorthern europe's living standard


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