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  1. irredentism
  2. centrifugal forces
  3. relative location
  4. culture diffusion
  5. devolution
  1. a regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at central governments expense
  2. b culture hearth traits spread to wider areas
  3. c cultural extension policy: support for a national group in a neighboring country
  4. d location relative to other places
  5. e divisive stresses/forces

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  1. source areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated
  2. first city with over one million people
  3. nordic's transfer port city
  4. binding, unifying of the state
  5. most people live in southern part (warmer)

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  1. austriain EU, primate city:Vienna, one language


  2. isolated state modeleconomic patterns develop around European cities; four land-use rings surrounding a market place; developed by Von Thuren


  3. 2 New World Centersturkey sector; turkish republic


  4. environmental determinismenvironment determines where man lives; man changes environment


  5. balkanization10,000-100,000 years ago; hunting and gathering


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