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  1. austria
  2. isolated state model ring #4
  3. shatter belt
  4. latitude and longitude
  5. iceland
  1. a identifies absolute locations
  2. b in EU, primate city:Vienna, one language
  3. c separating plates
  4. d ranching, animal products
  5. e chronic political fracture zone

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  1. contains a primate city
  2. divisive stresses/forces
  3. 10,000-100,000 years ago; hunting and gathering
  4. new crops from colonies; agricultural innovations; increased food production and population
  5. increasingly extensive field crops

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  1. complimentaritylong term prevailing weather conditions


  2. transition zonepolitical, economical, cultural cooperation among 3 or more states for shared objectives


  3. switzerlandprosperous, not in EU, multilingual, no primate city


  4. portugalshared patterns of learned behavior


  5. isolated state modeleconomic patterns develop around European cities; four land-use rings surrounding a market place; developed by Von Thuren


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