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  1. culture hearth
  2. copenhagen
  3. equator at 0 degrees
  4. isolated state model ring #4
  5. potato famine
  1. a one million deaths and 2 million immigrated
  2. b ranching, animal products
  3. c hot and wet all year round
  4. d source areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated
  5. e nordic's transfer port city

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  1. separating plates
  2. benelex country: flemish; more population
  3. [ ] and [ ] dominated Western Europe
  4. linked cities through transportation systems
  5. nearer sources of supply diminishes the attractiveness of more distant sources

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  1. environmental determinismbinding, unifying of the state


  2. devolutionregions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at central governments expense


  3. francemap distance and actual ground distance ratio


  4. relative locationfragmentation of smaller, often hostile political units


  5. paleolithic8000-4500 B.C.; new stone age; human and animal labor; agriculture


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