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  1. austria
  2. hinterland
  3. supranationalism
  4. belgium (south)
  5. germany
  1. a larger population over france
  2. b political, economical, cultural cooperation among 3 or more states for shared objectives
  3. c in EU, primate city:Vienna, one language
  4. d benelex country: french; more control
  5. e core city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery

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  1. encouraged functional specialization
  2. 3 ways cartographers display scale
  3. exchange of goods to satisfy each other's demands; one area has a surplus of an item demanded by another
  4. ranching, animal products
  5. ease of transferring goods

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  1. france[ ] river runs through Hungary


  2. south cyprusgreek sector; republic of cyprus


  3. balkanizationfragmentation of smaller, often hostile political units


  4. roman empirea country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression


  5. roman empireone million deaths and 2 million immigrated


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