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  1. highest to lowest population
  2. complimentarity
  3. holocene epoch
  4. isolated state model ring #1
  5. Ullman's 3 principles of spatial interaction
  1. a East Asia, South Asia, Europe
  2. b intensive farming and dairying
  3. c 10,000 years ago-present; withdrawal of glaciers; rise of human civilizations; earliest environmental determinism
  4. d exchange of goods to satisfy each other's demands; one area has a surplus of an item demanded by another
  5. e complimentarity, transferability, intervening opportunity

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  1. contains a primate city
  2. no primate city
  3. study of population characteristics
  4. map distance and actual ground distance ratio
  5. [ ] river runs through Hungary

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  1. cultural landscapecore city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery


  2. culture hearthshared patterns of learned behavior


  3. isolated state model ring #2forest


  4. united kingdom and northwest france climatehumid temperate, no dry season


  5. rome(east asia or south asia or europe)-more urban pattern


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