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  1. devolution
  2. latitude and longitude
  3. Alfred Wegener
  4. northern europe
  5. isolated state model ring #1
  1. a proposed continental drift
  2. b most people live in southern part (warmer)
  3. c intensive farming and dairying
  4. d identifies absolute locations
  5. e regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at central governments expense

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  1. fragmentation of smaller, often hostile political units
  2. East Asia, South Asia, Europe
  3. older history and location over germany
  4. contains a primate city
  5. ease of transferring goods

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  1. roman empireencouraged functional specialization


  2. climatelong term prevailing weather conditions


  3. germanymediterranean europe's most economically advanced


  4. centrifugal forcesEU improved its infrastructure


  5. shatter beltchronic political fracture zone


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