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  1. Medulla
  2. Neuron
  3. Prefrontal Cortex
  4. Hippocampus
  5. Acetylcholine
  1. a Function: store new memories (short term), emotional response, navigation, spatial organization
    Dysfunction: Alzheimers, Epilepsy, brain swelling, deficencey of oxygen to cells
  2. b nerve cell, basic building block of nervous sys
  3. c Function: breathing, digestion, heart function
    Dysfunction: paralysis of throat, loss of taste, acid reflux, drooling
  4. d memory
  5. e Function: mediate conflicting thoughts, choices, predict future, social control
    Dysfunction: personality and behavioral change, bad decisions

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  1. Function: social and emotional processing, aggression and feaar
    Dysfunction: requires soc and emotional stimulation to dev normally, autism, soc anxiety if dev poorly
  2. calms the body, conserves energy
  3. brain and spinal cord
  4. connection b/w axon tip and dendrite or cell body of receiving neuron
  5. Function: motor control, consciousness and sleep, dreaming, posture
    Dysfunction: control bladder to a certain point, blood clots, breathing troubles

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  1. ThalamusFunction: Autonomic, endocrine homeostasis
    Dysfunction: tumor, hyperthyroidism


  2. Corpus CallosumFunction: coordination, memory, leanring, body movement
    Dysfunction: bad balance and coordination, tremor, dizzy, weak in legs


  3. Glutamatememory, too much - headaches


  4. Temporal LobeFunction: auditory, language reception, memory
    Dysfunction: ADHD, Epilepsy


  5. Broca's Areacontrols language expression; speech


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