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  1. Neurotransmitters
  2. Occipital Lobe
  3. Dendrite
  4. Axon
  1. a chemical messengers that cross b/w neurons
  2. b Function: visual cortex, color, motion perception, dreams come from
    Dysfunction: color and movement, halucinations, illusions
  3. c neurons bushy, branching extensions that receive messages and conduct impluses
  4. d neurons extension that passes messages to glands, muscles or neurons

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  1. Function: breathing, digestion, heart function
    Dysfunction: paralysis of throat, loss of taste, acid reflux, drooling
  2. alertness and arousal
  3. Function: auditory, language reception, memory
    Dysfunction: ADHD, Epilepsy
  4. Function: motor and sensory information, reflexes
    Dysfunction: paralysis, osteoporosis, spasticity
  5. sensory and motor neurons that connect central nervous sys to body

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  1. Sensory Neuronsneurons that carry outgoing info from brain to muscles and glands


  2. Broca's Areacontrols language reception; language comprehension


  3. Serotoninnerve cell, basic building block of nervous sys


  4. Reticular FormationFunction: motor and cardiovascular control, pain, sleep and consciousness
    Dysfunction: narcolepsy, lesions


  5. HippocampusFunction: Autonomic, endocrine homeostasis
    Dysfunction: tumor, hyperthyroidism


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