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  1. Marius' rival; gained control of Pontus and Black Sea, rid of Mithridates, victorious return to Rome, defeated Marius, granted title of "dictator" by Senate; died in 78 B.C. in Campania
  2. political representative of the people in the Senate
  3. younger brother, tribune in 123 B.C., instituted a program to supply grain at subsidized prices to the poor; juries would be drawn from wealthy NON-SENATORS...committed suicide

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  1. 1. Popularespopular aristocratic reformers trying to provide displaced impoverished farmers and peasants with land and programs to assist them


  2. ....Tiberiusconsul in 107—(a "novus homo"—political contender without influence of family birth)
    "Reign of Terror"—seized Rome and murdered or exiled enemies (87 B.C.)


  3. Optimateswealthy non senators, able to own a horse, but not aristocratic


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