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  1. innate
  2. ascend
  3. esoteric
  4. capricious
  5. defamation
  1. a act of harming or ruining another's reputation
  2. b understood only by a small group or a select few
  3. c to move upward, to rise from a lower station
  4. d changing suddenly, fickle
  5. e existing from birth, inborn

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  1. strict, stern; unadorned, ascetic
  2. to honor, to revere
  3. to waste time, to spend time idly, to move into a lackadaisical manner
  4. to praise, to glorify
  5. one who is insincere or deceitful

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  1. exacerbateto honor, to revere


  2. banalnot causing harm, of gentle disposition, beneficial


  3. antithesisindependent, self- contained


  4. autonomousreflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude, critical to an extreme


  5. melancholycommon, ordinary, lacking freshness, hackneyed


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