6 components of health related fitness

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What are the 6 components?

muscular strength, agility, muscular endurance, body composition, cardio - respiratory endurance, and flexability

what activities require energy immediantley to preform well?

sprints, jumping, weight lifting

what activities are long and need the body to release energy at a slower pace?

running 3 miles (5k,) playing a soccer game

fast acting activities:

strength and agility

slow acting activities:

Muscular and CR Endurance


Body Composition and flexability

muscular strength

maximal force produced in a single muscle in 1 motion, measured by -1 Repitition Maximum (RM), increased by resistance training, difference resistance training for different goals

definition of resistance programs?

repetitions, sets

benefits of resistance programs?

lots of repetitions, low weight, few repetitions, high weight, teens: focus on more repetitions with less weight, if u cant use proper form use less weight


shuttle run, increased by: practice, applies to changing directions in life too

muscular endurance

affected mainly by frequency, duration, example: 1 minute sit up and push up tests

agility definition

ability to accuratley andquickly change directions

muscular endurance definition

how long repetitive muscles can be sustained,

body composition definition

what makes up your body

body composition

components: lean weight (muscle, bone, organ,) and fat weight, the goal is to have more lean weight than fat weight, you need some lean and fat weight there must be a balance

measuring body composition

body mass index: weight (kg)/ height (m), example: 100lb person, 5 feet, 4 inches (100/ 2.2) / {((642.54) / 100} answer, skinfold calipers, a scale is not the most reliable way to measure body composition

Cardio - respiratory endurance

like muscular endurance, only it measures how long the heart and lungs can sustain aerobic activity, example:how long can you run/ swim/ or bike before getting tired


measures range of motions, importance for joint heakth and function, helps in sport performance - used in injury rehab and prevention, increased by stretching regularly (or preforming pilates, or yoga.

How do I train for all of the components: use the FIT Principle:

Frequency: how often should i train, Intensity: how hard should i train?, time: how long should i train?

Athelete in season:

train all 6 components, but focus more on components that are important to your sport, all sports reqquire some endurance, muscle strength and flexibility - in addition some may place more or less emphasis on agility, a healthy body composition is necessary to be succesful for any sport and life!, how much emphasis that is placed ona component is determined by your coach or trainer

off season/ off sport training

MUSCULAR: strength/ endurance: 2-3 days a week (maximum) days/week every other day, CR ENDURANCE: 3-5 (can preform every day) days/week, 30 - 45 min. a day, FLEXABILITY: stretch almost everyday to prevent injuries and have healthy muscles, AGILITY: 2 days a week, BODY COMPOSITION: by training the other components on a regular basis, you will have a healthy body composition

Practice makes perfect

most components can be improved just by preforming those activities on a regualr basis: example, practicing the shuttle run, push ups, and the hamstring stretch can help improve scores in those areas

take home points

for overall health and fitness, there are 6 components to focus on dring excercise, not everyone will benefit from the same training program - there are different programs for different needs, the same components focused on during in season may not be the ones focused on during off season

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