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  1. thales
  2. non adaptive traits
  3. homologous character
  4. three stages of speciation
  5. genetic constraints
  1. a gave natural explanations to natural things
  2. b must be inherited from common ancestor, so the traits are similar due to common ancestry but they often have different function like wings.
  3. c 1. isolation of populations
    2. divergence of traits
    3. reproductive isolation
  4. d traits that do not increase fitness but are present because they were in the ancestrial population or are for both genders.
  5. e natural selection was not able to optomize all aspects of a trait, due to genetic correlation or lack of genetic variability

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  1. it can be used to find organisms similar to humans so we can test out pharmacuticals.
  2. assumes that animals will undergo fewer rather than more evolutionary steps the most simple is the best answer except if we know better.
  3. similarity in the DNA sequences of different species
  4. variant forms of a gene
  5. generalizations that describe phenomena

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  1. Homologythe study of likeness of two individual specimens charactaristics


  2. if most of the evolutionary mechanisms lead to a loss of genetic diversity how is it recovered?mutation


  3. laurasianorthern hemisphere continents


  4. Intersubjective testabilitythe observation that data from independent sources agree in supporting predictions made by a theory. such as fossils supporting a hypothesis


  5. darwins two main points wereOrganisms are descended from 1 or a few common ancestors, Natural selection is the mechanism for this descent.


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