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  1. acclimation
  2. Population genetics
  3. Analagous character
  4. Huxley
  5. Phylogenic tree
  1. a the study of allele frequencies of populations and how they change over time. It is based on mendelian genetics.
  2. b not due to inheritance similarity is the result of convergence (parallel evolution) where different organisms adapt for similar functions in similar environments in unrelated Lineage's like birds and bats both have wings.
  3. c was avid in placing darwins theory in the context of humans
  4. d changes in an individuals phenotypy in response to enviromental conditions
  5. e depicts the pattern evident in the history of decent groups of organisms it's more of a hypothesis.

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  1. 550-250 million years ago means anchient era most phla appeared and diversity was booming, major events were the first arthapods land plants fish animals with jaws tetrapods and reptiles ended by permian extinction
  2. variant forms of a gene
  3. once isolated all subpopulations are susceptible to evolutionary change. Subpopulations and if the populations are small then they are more susceptible to genetic drift.
  4. greek
  5. carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids.

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  1. Reliablitythat which when put to the test turns out to be true


  2. Derived traitstrait that is a reduced or incompletely developed structure that has no function or has reduced function but is clearly similar to functioning organs on closely related species.


  3. four criteria of theoriesmust be tested, must be falsifiable, cannot be proven only confirmed or disconfirmed, must be subject to revision or change.


  4. Fitness trade-offa change in allele frequencies occurring due to genetic drift when a new population is established from a small sample of the original population called a founder event


  5. five concepts of the modern synthesistraits are genetically based, continuous characters under mendelin control like discontinuous ones, species are variable based on location, evolution was changes in allele frequency over time, change over time was due to natural selection and random allele changes or mutation


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