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  1. Natural Theology
  2. historical constraints
  3. what are three reasons that we dont know about some species
  4. non adaptive traits
  5. three inferences of natural selection
  1. a adaptations are constrained because all traits must have evolved from previous traits
  2. b a movement in the catholic church that stated knowlege of the earth could explain the reason for god. said earth was old as the bible said the great chain of being was created by god and variation was directed by god to carry out his plan
  3. c some groups are poorly studied, many environments are poorly sampled, molecular approaches are identifying more and more cryptic species
  4. d struggle for existance among individuals, there are differences in survival and reproduction among individuals, over time differential survival and reproduction changes the population
  5. e traits that do not increase fitness but are present because they were in the ancestrial population or are for both genders.

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  1. the fossil record and discovery of radiometric dating
  2. your contribution to the gene pool for future generations the higher your ability to reproduce and survive the higher your fitness.
  3. it decreases it
  4. greek
  5. disruptive selection

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  1. developmental homologySimilarity in embryonic traits


  2. overtime do species develop more complex traits due to evolutionThe fact is that life changes over time The theory regards the mechanisms that enable change over time


  3. Allopatric speciationthe creation of two distinct species from one ancestral species


  4. Insertioninsertion of one or more bases A one base insertion result in the other bases to shift and make their codons code differently for amino acids. Sometime coding for a stop codon preventing the rest of the sequence from being read.


  5. aristotlegave natural explanations to natural things


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