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Biology 122 Test

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  1. 5 assumptions of the H-W equilibrium principle
  2. morphology
  3. binomial nomenclature
  4. what are some reasons we classify organisms
  5. codons
  1. a the use of two latin names to refer to a species
  2. b structures that typically had or have a function and the relationship forms an interface between organism and enviroment.
  3. c • To aid our memory and help organize them,
    • Aid in prediction of relationships,
    • Provide unique universally used names like the Latin terms.
  4. d three nucleotide sequence
  5. e there is no selection mutation migration genetic drift and all individuals choose mates at random

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  1. opposite in common characteristics to other animals in order to compare to
  2. it takes many generations to take effect
  3. individuals with when compared to other members of individuals have a distinct trait that gives them an advantage in survival or reproduction. a selective disadvantage is a trait which leaves the species at a disadvantage to survive and reproduce.
  4. individual variation, heritable traits, differential survival and reproduction, survival and reproduction are tied to heritable traits.
  5. an average difference between the survival/ reproduction of individuals with certain phenotypes relative to individuals with other phenotypes. only mechanism that can produce adaptation

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  1. what is the ultimate source of genetic variationa genetic constraint that prevents an organism from making a change that would improve its fitness because it lacks the prerequisite genes.


  2. overtime do species develop more complex traits due to evolutionstruggle for existance among individuals, there are differences in survival and reproduction among individuals, over time differential survival and reproduction changes the population


  3. Qualitative traitsdiscrete and categorical such as presence or absence of a particular structure or the state of a color,can be binary or multistate


  4. thalesgave natural explanations to natural things


  5. HLA genescode for immunity and H-W test proved evolution was occuring


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