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  1. theories
  2. Population
  3. descent with modification
  4. morphology
  5. what are the six kingdoms
  1. a species that lived in the past are ancestors of the species living today
  2. b a group of individuals in the same species living in the same geographic species
  3. c structures that typically had or have a function and the relationship forms an interface between organism and enviroment.
  4. d explanation of some aspect in the natural world that is well sustained and incorperates facts laws inferences and tested hypotheisis.
  5. e bacteria, archaea, protists, plantae, fungi and animalia

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  1. testable statement of relationships which can be confirmed or falsified a hypothesis driven inquiry is self correcting
  2. groups taxa based on overall similarity
  3. wrote origin of species based on his study of many species of finches tortises and fossils.
  4. disruptive selection
  5. 1. there is a struggle for existence among members of a population
    2. there are differences in survival and reproduction among individuals in a population.
    3. over time this differential survival and reproduction leads to change in a population appearance of new traits and adaptations.

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  1. Sympatric speciationit increases the amount of variation in a trait individuals with the average trait have a low fitness and the extremes have a higher fitness this is how speciation occurs the two extremes can go in different directions resulting in speciation. An example is the black bellied seed crackers who either had very short or very long beak if they lived long enough to survive so by maiting with the group similar to you you increased the ofsprings survival to the point where eventually there would be two species of long beaked and short beaked


  2. purinesyour contribution to the gene pool for future generations the higher your ability to reproduce and survive the higher your fitness.


  3. example of directional selectionlarge cliff swallows survived because they had more fat stores in a cold snap so the large allele became dominant for survival. might not be fixed though


  4. explain Divergence in traitsonce isolated all subpopulations are susceptible to evolutionary change. Subpopulations and if the populations are small then they are more susceptible to genetic drift.


  5. Natural Theologysimilarity in adult morphology


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