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  1. Precision and accuracy
  2. Reliablity
  3. overtime do species develop more complex traits due to evolution
  4. codons
  5. what is a fixed and lost allele
  1. a that which when put to the test turns out to be true
  2. b within a population a fixed allele is one that is adopted by every member and the lost allele is the allele that was in competition that none of the organisms have it is common in directional selection but not always evident
  3. c no because complex traits are routinely lost and simplified over time as well as more complex ones created.
  4. d three nucleotide sequence
  5. e precision is the absence of vaugeness and ambiguity. Accuracy is how close observations or predictions are to the empirical truth.

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  1. infering trees based on similarity in charactaristics
  2. Similarity in embryonic traits
  3. gave natural explanations to natural things
  4. means recent life wsa the age of mamals includes first horses primates whales great apes and humans.
  5. a random change in allele frequency where one allele becomes more common than another

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  1. does natural selection change individualsno just populations


  2. speciationthe creation of two distinct species from one ancestral species


  3. Microevolutionis the process where information in an rna strand is used to construct a chain of amino acids (which eventually become a protein or enzyme)


  4. purinesag


  5. what does genetic variation mean for evolutionhigh genetic variation is better for change and low genetic variation is worse for change.


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