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  1. Dispel
  2. Transitory
  3. Indolent
  4. Erudition
  5. Supple
  1. a (noun) profound scholarly knowledge; wisdom
  2. b (adj) wanting to avoid activity or work; lazy
  3. c (adj) bending or moving gracefully and easily; flexible
  4. d (adj) enduring a very short time
  5. e (verb) make (a doubt or feeling) disappear

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  1. (adj) able to be relayed (through communication) to others; easily understood
  2. (noun) the absence of mental stress or anxiety
  3. (noun) a pause from doing something (as work); a break or brief hiatus
  4. (adj) compliant and obedient to authority
  5. (verb) shun; exclude; leave out

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  1. Equanimity(noun) profound scholarly knowledge; wisdom


  2. Pallid(adj) lacking interest or significance; boring


  3. Courtesan(noun) a disposition to remain inactive or inert


  4. Perplexity(noun) trouble or confusion resulting from complexity


  5. Senile(adj) submissive or fawning in attitude or behavior


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