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  1. Creek
  2. Horseshoe Bend
  3. legislator
  4. Rachel
  5. poor
  1. a Jackson was a ___ shot with a pistol.
  2. b Jackson found that he did not have the temperament to remain a...
  3. c Jackson adopted his first son from this group.
  4. d This battle was the last stand of the Red Sticks against Jackson in what is today Alabama.
  5. e Jackson's wife was named...

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  1. The commander of British forces at New Orleans was...
  2. Jackson paid off the national debt by selling ___.
  3. Jackson's profession
  4. Jackson opposed...
  5. Jackson ordered the removal of Native Americans in a death march known as the...

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  1. Red Stickshe name of the Native Americans who fought against white settlers and other Native Americans; they were defeated by Andrew Jackon's forces.


  2. British swordJackson bore a scar on his face from. a(an)..


  3. ClayWhen some in South Carolina threatened to secede from the Union in the 1830s Jackson responded that he would ___ them as traitors.


  4. Fort MimsNative Americans massacred settlers, many part Creek, at this place in Alabama.


  5. gambledJackson often...


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