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  1. an abstract
  3. one time prior to midterm
  4. attendance
  5. miss exam
  1. a this is something that the paper does not require
  2. b If a student has more than 20% absences from the course, the student shall be assigned a final course grade of "F". If a student comes to class late, leaves before the end of class, takes an extended break, and/or comes to class unprepared, the student may be marked as absent for that week's class. The course faculty will keep an attendance sheet.
  3. c The course faculty will provide students with written information on his/her progress in this course by posting a grade(s) in the BlackBoard Grade Center for this course at least
  4. d 1.The student must communicate with the course faculty prior to missing the assignment or examination.
    2. Unexcused, late work will not be accepted and make-up will not be allowed. Work (i.e., assignments and/or final exam) missed due to a documented extenuating circumstance (e.g., student is hospitalized, death in the immediate family) may be allowed to be made up at the discretion of the course faculty.
    3. Make-up examinations for Exams 1 & 2 will not be given in this course. If a student must miss Exam 1 or 2, due to a documented extenuating circumstance, the student may be allowed to have their final exam score count for both the missed exam score and the final exam score (i.e., have the final exam score count for 55%, if exam 1 was missed, or 60%, if exam 2 was missed, of the student's final course grade); however, this will be at the discretion of the course faculty and if allowed would be for a maximum of one examination. Missing the final exam, at the scheduled time, may result in failure of the course or, in a documented extenuating circumstance and at the discretion of the course faculty, may result in an incomplete for the course and the examination being taken at a later date and time scheduled by the course faculty.
  5. e Nursing science foundation using selected concepts and constructs. Emphasis on past and current knowledge in the formulation of nursing as a basic and applied science. Application of epidemiology to nursing practice.

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  1. this is the name of the teacher and her office for intro to professional nursing
  2. no more than 20% of these from the course. 3 classes
  3. The body of the paper should have a two to three sentence introduction section, followed by a one (1) to one and a half (1-1½) page discussion section, and then a two to three sentence summary section. The paper must include at least two (2), current (i.e., published within the last five years), professional nursing journal article references* (with content from the article incorporated and referenced within the body of the paper and referenced in the reference list).
  4. Exam 2
  5. Philosophy of Nursing Paper Due

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  1. papermust be typed in APA (6th ed.) format, including the title page, body of the paper, and reference page.


  2. Signing the attendance sheet and/or answering for another student is a form of5%


  3. Attendance of Professional Nursing Organization Meetingin order to pass the course this is the grade you must get


  4. 20%Exam 2




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