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  1. a mind
  2. prefrontal cortex
  3. leads to genetic diversity, which is adaptive
  4. comparative psychology
  5. law of effect
  1. a Dr. Lind studies the effects of different drugs on the behavior of different species. He works in
  2. b In Descartes's view the critical distinction between people and the rest of the natural world was that humans possess
  3. c Natural selection has favored species that reproduce sexually because sexual reproduction
  4. d the motor association cortex is located in the
  5. e The idea that behavior that produces a favorable outcome is likely to be repeated

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  1. damage to a particular region of the brain
  2. The variance of a set of scores is
  3. A special diet is instrumental in saving the lives of children with
  4. the brain and the spinal cord make up the
  5. Replication with different samples of participants can help increase ____ of results

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  1. applying specific results to the population as a wholeMolecular biology is to ____ as behavior genetics is to _____


  2. genetic markers; segregation analysisMolecular biology is to ____ as behavior genetics is to _____


  3. ponsthe control of sleep and wakefulness is most closely associated with the


  4. normal distributionThe table that researchers consult in order to determine whether their results are statistically significant describes a


  5. different parts of the brain may have different functionsOne of the important implications of the doctrine of specific nerve energies was that


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