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  1. bladder contraction
  2. a researcher watching two birds building a nest in a tree
  3. heritability
  4. counterbalance the presentation of the lists
  5. law of effect
  1. a the amount of variability in a particular trait, in a particular population, at a particular time that is due to genetic factors
  2. b Dr. Estavez is worried the order in which he presents his lists to participants may affect the outcome of the study. He should
  3. c The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system does NOT control
  4. d an example of naturalistic observation
  5. e The idea that behavior that produces a favorable outcome is likely to be repeated

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  1. A consequence of the fact that some members of a species produce more offspring than other members of the species
  2. the brain and the spinal cord make up the
  3. Dr. Lind studies the effects of different drugs on the behavior of different species. He works in
  4. blocks acetylcholine receptors
  5. John Harold Johnson Jr's death from sickle-cell anemia

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  1. Confounding variables may be present in a study after it beginsTRUE


  2. genomethe totality of the genetic material in a species


  3. ponsthe control of sleep and wakefulness is most closely associated with the


  4. different parts of the brain may have different functionsOne of the important implications of the doctrine of specific nerve energies was that


  5. a mindIn Descartes's view the critical distinction between people and the rest of the natural world was that humans possess


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