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  1. median
  2. Locke
  3. a member of the public at large, not affiliated with the research institution
  4. is related to the anti-malarial effects of sickle cells in ancestral populations
  5. counterbalance the presentation of the lists
  1. a The formal ethical guidelines for animal research in the US require research proposals to be reviewed by a committee that must include a veterinarian and
  2. b The philosopher who rejected the notion that ideas were innate in the human mind
  3. c John Harold Johnson Jr's death from sickle-cell anemia
  4. d To summarize a set of numbers most precisely in terms of central tendency use the
  5. e Dr. Estavez is worried the order in which he presents his lists to participants may affect the outcome of the study. He should

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  1. generalization
  2. Endogenous is to ___ as heroin is to ____
  3. The variance of a set of scores is
  4. damage to a particular region of the brain
  5. One of the important implications of the doctrine of specific nerve energies was that

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  1. psychophysicsThrough their research on human responses to physical stimuli, Helmholtz and Weber contributed to the new field of


  2. leads to genetic diversity, which is adaptiveNatural selection has favored species that reproduce sexually because sexual reproduction


  3. comparative psychologyDr. Lind studies the effects of different drugs on the behavior of different species. He works in


  4. replicate other theoriesthe motor association cortex is located in the


  5. genomethe control of sleep and wakefulness is most closely associated with the


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