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  1. applying specific results to the population as a whole
  2. a mind
  3. psychophysics
  4. comparative psychology
  5. polygyny
  1. a Through their research on human responses to physical stimuli, Helmholtz and Weber contributed to the new field of
  2. b generalization
  3. c Dr. Lind studies the effects of different drugs on the behavior of different species. He works in
  4. d In Descartes's view the critical distinction between people and the rest of the natural world was that humans possess
  5. e the reproductive strategy that involves high female and low male parental investment

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  1. The idea that behavior that produces a favorable outcome is likely to be repeated
  2. a theory does NOT
  3. The protein molecule embedded in the membrane of a postsynaptic neuron that allows the neuron to be excited or inhibited by presynaptic neurons
  4. The table that researchers consult in order to determine whether their results are statistically significant describes a
  5. the primary visual cortex is located

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  1. it cannot account for all of the steps of the evolutionary processDr. Estavez is worried the order in which he presents his lists to participants may affect the outcome of the study. He should


  2. prefrontal cortexthe mechanism in the membrane of the axon that actively pumps ions in and out of the axon is an ion


  3. is related to the anti-malarial effects of sickle cells in ancestral populationsJohn Harold Johnson Jr's death from sickle-cell anemia


  4. transporterthe mechanism in the membrane of the axon that actively pumps ions in and out of the axon is an ion


  5. the mean of the squared differences of each score from the mean scoreThe variance of a set of scores is


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