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  1. it is so diverse, complex, and rapidly changing
  2. replicate other theories
  3. the mean of the squared differences of each score from the mean score
  4. a researcher watching two birds building a nest in a tree
  5. central nervous system
  1. a an example of naturalistic observation
  2. b the brain and the spinal cord make up the
  3. c According to the text what makes psychology both exciting and confusing
  4. d a theory does NOT
  5. e The variance of a set of scores is

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  1. a general criticism of selectionism
  2. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system does NOT control
  3. damage to a particular region of the brain
  4. One of the important implications of the doctrine of specific nerve energies was that
  5. the control of sleep and wakefulness is most closely associated with the

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  1. normal distributionThe table that researchers consult in order to determine whether their results are statistically significant describes a


  2. genomethe totality of the genetic material in a species


  3. there was too much variabilityHelmholtz abandoned his attempt to measure the speed of a person's reaction to physical stimuli because


  4. LockeA special diet is instrumental in saving the lives of children with


  5. polygynythe control of sleep and wakefulness is most closely associated with the


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