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  1. global
  2. waylay
  3. gloat
  4. slake
  5. restrict
  1. a to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end
  2. b relating to, or involving the entire world; comprehensive
  3. c to keep within set limits; to confine
  4. d to look or think about with great intensity and satisfaction; to take great personal joy in
  5. e to lie in wait for an attack,ambush

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  1. a rapid, ; large -scale outporing or something
  2. to indicate, point out; to appoint; selected but not yet installed.
  3. to provide with a reason for doing; to push on to some goal or course of action.
  4. any trade,profession,or occupation; a sense of fitness or special calling for one's work
  5. difference, variety; a condition of having many different types or forms

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  1. bigota solemn or scared promise or pledge; to declare or promise in a solemn way


  2. enigmaan intolerent, prejudiced, or biased person


  3. pacifistone who is againtst war or the use of violence; opposing war or violence


  4. queuewise; a very wise perosn


  5. illusiona false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware of that really does exist.


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