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  1. polar regions, zero vegetation, snow and ice all year, little precipitation; (ex) Antarctica, North and South Poles
  2. it is always frozen and it is cold all year long, usually zero vegetation but may have moss and lichens, has permafrost; (ex) found in the land above Canada and Russia but below the North Pole
  3. hot, humid summers and mild humid winters, the coastal hurricanes and typhoons; (ex)
  4. it is warm all year but it does have a rainy and a dry season, it has green trees; (ex) Africa Savanna

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  1. Humid Tropicalhot humid along the Equator; (ex) Congo, Amazon River, Brazil, Indonesia and Central Africa


  2. Marine West CoastWest coast upper latitudes and has forest growth; (ex) Northwest Coast of US and most of Western Europe


  3. Steppeit is usually on the interiors and elevated, it has semiarid air; (ex) Asia, Australia, Great Plains of the US


  4. SubarcticLong cold winters, short summers and little rain, have boreal forests (fir, cone bearing trees); (ex) North Canada, Alaska, North Asia, Russia


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