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  1. Surplus
  2. Tool
  3. Civilization
  4. Agriculture
  5. Population
  1. a An advanced society with organized government, religion, writing, science, art, etc.
  2. b Human-made object for performing a task
  3. c The number of inhabitants (people) of a place
  4. d Growing crops and raising animals (farming)
  5. e Extra; more than needed

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  1. Result of a cause
  2. Metal made of copper and tin
  3. Tame or adapt for human use
  4. Supplying dry land with water by using ditches, canals, technology, etc.
  5. The number of units produced (grown) compared to time or space to produce them

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  1. VillageSmall, permanent human settlement


  2. TechnologyHuman-made object for performing a task


  3. RevolutionRapid and/or important change


  4. AlloyLarge, advanced human settlement


  5. MetallurgyThe science and technology of metals


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