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Rise of the Nazi Party Test

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  1. 1932-first
  2. 1923-first
  3. 1919-first
  4. 1933-first
  5. 1934-first
  1. a SA was important to Hitler's rise and outnumbered the normal army
  2. b Beer Hall Putsch;unsuccessful attempt to revolt by Hitler and friends
  3. c Hindenberg selects Hitler as chancellor to use him as a puppet
  4. d Hindenberg wins next presidency;keeps Hitler out
  5. e Treaty of Versailles signed; punishment of Germany and they had to pay other countries

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  1. Poolvon Hirdenerg created a new govt. that dismissed the Weimer Republic
  2. Hitler joins the German Workers' Party; committed to a reacially purer Germany
  3. concentration camp is created
  4. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf first volume
  5. Nazi party wins 37 percent of vote;propaganda campaign promotes Nazi party;major powers underestimate Hitler's powers

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  1. 1923-thirdHitler gains support of judges at his trial; released after one year in prison


  2. 1921Nazi Party becomes second-largest party in Germany


  3. 1918-firstend of WWI; people thought they were betrayed by leftwing politicians,communists and Jews.


  4. 1923-secondHitler charged with high treason; said treaty was wrong and signers were weak


  5. 1925-secondHitler charged with high treason; said treaty was wrong and signers were weak


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