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  1. neurons have their cell bodies in the ventral and lateral horns of the spinal cord
  2. deep to the dura, the ____ ____ and ___ ___ can be identified
  3. spinal cord has a _____ _____ in the region of the lower limb
  4. (ascending) ____ order ____ extends from the dorsal horn, decussates (crosses) to the ______ (opposite) side, and then it's axon enters the white matter; the axon then runs up to the ____ where it synapses
  5. patellar reflex is one example of a _____ reflex; which is a type of _______ reflex
  1. a second interneuron contralateral thalamus
  2. b stretch monosynaptic
  3. c arachnoid mater subarachnoid space
  4. d ventral root
  5. e lumbar enlargement

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  1. brachial plexus
  2. denticulate ligaments
  3. monosynaptic
  4. lumbosacral plexus
  5. spinal nerve

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  1. gray and white _____ _____ carry visceral motor (sympathetic) and visceral sensory neurons to and from the visceracommunicating rami


  2. spinal nerve forms from the joining of two major tributaries, the _____ and _____ rootsdorsal ventral


  3. axons of the _____ _____ are entirely motorrami


  4. ____ neurons are unique in having the cell body in the middle of the course of the axon; unipolarsensory


  5. ____ ____; to skeletal muscles: located in _____ hornsomatic motor ventral


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