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  1. _____ _____ and its ____ run parallel to the spinal cord and send branches towards the thoracic and abdominal cavities
  2. _____ _____ formed from the "segments" of the spinal cord and exit the vertebral column through the _____ _____
  3. gray matter is organized into 3 columns; the ______, ________, and _____ horns
  4. ventral rami join to form _____ ______ formed of C5-T1 spinal nerve rami; supplies upper limb
  5. neurons have their cell bodies in the ventral and lateral horns of the spinal cord
  1. a brachial plexus
  2. b dorsal ventral lateral
  3. c sympathetic chain ganglia
  4. d ventral root
  5. e spinal nerves intervertebral foramina

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  1. somatic sensory dorsal
  2. stretch
  3. epineurium
  4. dorsal ventral
  5. visceral sensory dorsal

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  1. spinal cord has a ____ ____ in the region of the upper limbcervical enlargement


  2. ____ ____; to skeletal muscles: located in _____ hornvisceral motor lateral


  3. spinal nerve's ventral rami join to form a network of nerves called a _____cervical enlargement


  4. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrumL1


  5. ______ reflexes are the simplest reflexes involve a sensory neuron and its synapse with a motor neuronpolysynaptic


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