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  1. neurons have their cell bodies in the ventral and lateral horns of the spinal cord
  2. spinal cord has a ____ ____ in the region of the upper limb
  3. each of the bodies segments is supplied by a different ____ ____
  4. within cauda equina lies the ____ ____, an extension of the pia mater
  5. unlike the brain, the duramater is surrounded by a space filled with fat, the ___ ___
  1. a ventral root
  2. b epidural space
  3. c cervical enlargement
  4. d spinal nerve
  5. e filum terminale

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  1. polysynaptic
  2. denticulate ligaments
  3. upper motor primary motor cortex
  4. 32 spinal nerves
  5. somatic motor ventral

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  1. _____ ____ neuron of the peripheral nervous system;leaves the spinal cord to innervate skeletal muscleslower motor


  2. dura mater extends outward around the spinal nerves and becomes known as the ____, the outermost layer of a nerveepineurium


  3. _____ ____; to smooth muscles and glands: located in _____ hornvisceral motor lateral


  4. _____ _____ and its ____ run parallel to the spinal cord and send branches towards the thoracic and abdominal cavitiessympathetic chain ganglia


  5. spinal nerve's ventral rami join to form a network of nerves called a _____plexus


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