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  1. pattern of ventral rami in thorax where ____ _____ travel along inferior surface of the ribs and send small branches to nearby muscles, bones, and skin from
  2. axons going to and from the spinal cord are bundled as
  3. reflex in which the stretch of the muscle reflexively causes contraction of the same muscle leading to greater stability of joints
  4. withdrawal reflex is an example of a ______ reflex; most are protective in nature
  5. (ascending) ____ order ____ extends from the dorsal horn, decussates (crosses) to the ______ (opposite) side, and then it's axon enters the white matter; the axon then runs up to the ____ where it synapses
  1. a nerves
  2. b stretch
  3. c intercostal nerves
  4. d polysynaptic
  5. e second interneuron contralateral thalamus

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  1. dorsal root ganglion
  2. first dorsal interneurons
  3. somatic motor ventral
  4. lower motor
  5. stretch monosynaptic

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  1. (desending) primary motor cortex --> white matter via upper motor interneuorn --> decussation occurs in the ____ --> tract continues down spinal chord --> at appropriate signal level axon leaves tract and enters the _____ ______ where it synapses with lower motor neurongray matter


  2. spinal chord travels within successive vertebral foramina, a passage called the _____ _____vertebral canal


  3. spinal nerve's ventral rami join to form a network of nerves called a _____cervical enlargement


  4. spinal nerve forms from the joining of two major tributaries, the _____ and _____ rootsdorsal ventral


  5. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrumfilum terminale


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