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  1. spinal cord has a ____ ____ in the region of the upper limb
  2. outermost and toughest layer that protects the spinal cord
  3. axons of the _____ _____ are entirely motor
  4. spinal chord begins as the _____ _____ exits the skull and enters the ____ ____ of the 1st cervical vertebra (C1)
  5. (desending) primary motor cortex --> white matter via upper motor interneuorn --> decussation occurs in the ____ --> tract continues down spinal chord --> at appropriate signal level axon leaves tract and enters the _____ ______ where it synapses with lower motor neuron
  1. a ventral root
  2. b medulla oblongata vertebral foramen
  3. c dura mater
  4. d cervical enlargement
  5. e medulla ventral horn

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  1. ascending pathways
  2. somatic motor ventral
  3. white matter
  4. pia mater
  5. sympathetic chain ganglia

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  1. _____ _____ formed from the "segments" of the spinal cord and exit the vertebral column through the _____ _____filum terminale sacrum


  2. gray matter is organized into 3 columns; the ______, ________, and _____ hornsdorsal ventral lateral


  3. cone-shaped termination of the spinal cord is the ____ ____conus medularis


  4. each of the bodies segments is supplied by a different ____ ____spinal nerve


  5. spinal chord travels within successive vertebral foramina, a passage called the _____ _____vertebral canal


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