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  1. the end of the spinal chord is found at the _____ vertebra in adults
  2. gray matter is organized into 3 columns; the ______, ________, and _____ horns
  3. located at the center of the spinal chord; cavity in continuity with the ventricles of the brain
  4. _____ _____; from skin, skeletal muscles, joints: located in _____ horn
  5. (ascending) ____ order _____ extends form the thalamus to the appropriate part of the somatosensory cortex
  1. a somatic sensory dorsal
  2. b L1
  3. c dorsal ventral lateral
  4. d central canal
  5. e third interneuron

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  1. stretch monosynaptic
  2. ascending pathways
  3. medulla oblongata vertebral foramen
  4. sensory
  5. dura mater

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  1. gray and white _____ _____ carry visceral motor (sympathetic) and visceral sensory neurons to and from the visceradorsal ramus


  2. cone-shaped termination of the spinal cord is the ____ ____conus medularis


  3. bundle of spinal nerves that pass through the vertebral canal on their way to the appropriate intervertebral foramencauda equina


  4. axons going to and from the spinal cord are bundled asfilum terminale sacrum


  5. _____ ____ neuron of the peripheral nervous system;leaves the spinal cord to innervate skeletal muscleslower motor


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