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  1. axons going to and from the spinal cord are bundled as
  2. within cauda equina lies the ____ ____, an extension of the pia mater
  3. _____ _____ formed from the "segments" of the spinal cord and exit the vertebral column through the _____ _____
  4. bundle of spinal nerves that pass through the vertebral canal on their way to the appropriate intervertebral foramen
  5. (ascending) ____ order ____ extends from the dorsal horn, decussates (crosses) to the ______ (opposite) side, and then it's axon enters the white matter; the axon then runs up to the ____ where it synapses
  1. a filum terminale
  2. b second interneuron contralateral thalamus
  3. c nerves
  4. d cauda equina
  5. e spinal nerves intervertebral foramina

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  1. ventral root
  2. spinal nerve
  3. polysynaptic
  4. arachnoid mater subarachnoid space
  5. epidural space

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  1. ____ neurons are unique in having the cell body in the middle of the course of the axon; unipolarventral root


  2. spinal chord begins as the _____ _____ exits the skull and enters the ____ ____ of the 1st cervical vertebra (C1)medulla oblongata vertebral foramen


  3. (ascending) ___ order sensory neuron extends form the source of the stimulus to the _____ horn where it synapses with ______first dorsal interneurons


  4. ventral rami join to form ____ ____ formed of L2-S2 rami; supplies lower limblumbosacral plexus


  5. (ascending) ____ order _____ extends form the thalamus to the appropriate part of the somatosensory cortexsecond interneuron contralateral thalamus


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