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  1. dura mater extends outward around the spinal nerves and becomes known as the ____, the outermost layer of a nerve
  2. _____ ___ anchors the end of the spinal chord to the ______
  3. (descending) ____ _____ neuron aka pyramidal neuron originates in the ____ ____ _____
  4. bundle of spinal nerves that pass through the vertebral canal on their way to the appropriate intervertebral foramen
  5. deepest meningal layer in direct contact with the spinal cord
  1. a upper motor primary motor cortex
  2. b cauda equina
  3. c epineurium
  4. d filum terminale sacrum
  5. e pia mater

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  1. filum terminale
  2. conus medularis
  3. stretch monosynaptic
  4. arachnoid mater subarachnoid space
  5. sympathetic chain ganglia

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  1. spinal nerve branches into _____rami


  2. reflex which involve one or several interneuronspolysynaptic


  3. ___ vertebral levels, each containing muscles, skin, and bones; neurons that supply instruction to/form these levels travel within ____ _____monosynaptic


  4. withdrawal reflex is an example of a ______ reflex; most are protective in naturefilum terminale


  5. ________ reflex pathway: 1. stimulation of stretch receptor 2. signal occurs along sensory neuron 3. synapse with motor neuron 4. signal occurs along motor neuron 5. muscle is stimulated to contractfilum terminale sacrum


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