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  1. poe
  2. diedrech knickerbocker
  3. cooper
  1. a he was in literary wars with the Brahmins
  2. b created the first american hero
  3. c pseudonym used by irving in 'history of new york'

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  1. poetry that contains a definate meter but does not rhyme
  2. poes techniques of writing
  3. wrote 'history of new york' with pseudonym diedrich knickerbocker
  4. "man, by dying, becomes one with nature."
  5. bryant translated the iliad and the odyssey into ______________.

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  1. poehis father abandoned his family when he was and infant. his mom died 2 years later of TB


  2. jonathan swift and daniel defoepseudonym used by irving when he wrote for the 'morning chronicle'


  3. sketchbookbryant was known as the ______ poet


  4. view of deatheditor of the atlantic monthly... member of the brahmins


  5. the pioneers, last of the mohicans, the prairie, the pathfinder, and the deerslayerleatherstocking tales included _______, _____________, __________, __________, and the ___________.


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