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  1. brahmins
  2. jonathan swift and daniel defoe
  3. bryant
  4. caesuras
  5. poe
  1. a pause in a line of poetry for the sake of emphasis
  2. b his stepfather got him into west point. he went AWOL.
  3. c famous for creating the "spoils system"
  4. d writers during the age of classicism in england
  5. e men of the highest ranking in literature

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  1. he wrote for southern literary messenger and was dismissed for drinking
  2. he was adopted by john allan of richmond VA
  3. "prophet!", said I, "thing of evil- prophet still, if bird or devil!"
  4. writers during the age of romanticism in america
  5. novel by cooper about the europeans being more civilized than the americans

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  1. poecreated the first american hero


  2. bryantsupported abolitionists and the emancipation of slaves


  3. assonance, alliteration, repetition, single effect, imagery, allusionpoes techniques of writing


  4. the pioneers, last of the mohicans, the prairie, the pathfinder, and the deerslayerleatherstocking tales included _______, _____________, __________, __________, and the ___________.


  5. bryantpart owner of the new york evening post for 49 years


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