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  1. dactylic
  2. poe
  3. bryant
  4. irving
  5. cooper
  1. a father of american poetry
  2. b BEAUtiful... 3 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd and 3rd unaccented
  3. c used hudson river valley setting and old dutch families as characters
  4. d first novel was 'precaution' which was not good at all
  5. e his final literary work, Eureka, was considered the key to understanding his work

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  1. poes techniques of writing
  2. pseudonym used by irving in 'sketchbook'
  3. wrote the first detective stories
  4. poetry that contains a definate meter and rhyme
  5. famous for creating the "spoils system"

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  1. sketchbookMERcy... 2 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd unaccented


  2. poepoetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme


  3. diedrech knickerbockerirving's first book to gain acceptance in US and england and icludes 'rip van winkle' and the 'legend of sleepy hollow'


  4. bryanttranslated the iliad and the odyssey into blank verse


  5. poehe won a prize for "gold bug"


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