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  1. iambic
  2. bryant
  3. geoffrey crayon
  4. cooper
  1. a first novel was 'precaution' which was not good at all
  2. b father of american poetry
  3. c pseudonym used by irving in 'sketchbook'
  4. d beGIN... 2 syllables, 1st unaccented and 2nd accented

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  1. men of the highest ranking in literature
  2. novel by cooper about the europeans being more civilized than the americans
  3. poetry that teaches a lesson and entertains
  4. he was in literary wars with the Brahmins
  5. opposed national banks

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  1. poehe attended UVA and was kicked out because of gambling debts


  2. thomas jefferson and george washingtonwriters during the age of romanticism in england


  3. poehe gained infamous fame for "the raven"


  4. about poewrote the first detective stories


  5. bronte sisters and charles dickenspseudonym used by irving in 'history of new york'


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