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  1. brahmins
  2. bryant
  3. poe
  1. a part owner of the new york evening post for 49 years
  2. b men of the highest ranking in literature
  3. c "to the glory that was greece and the grandeur that was rome."

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  1. father of american poetry
  2. pseudonym used by irving in 'history of new york'
  3. repetition of vowel sounds
  4. editor of the atlantic monthly... member of the brahmins
  5. MERcy... 2 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd unaccented

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  1. bryantpoetry that contains a definate meter but does not rhyme


  2. about poehe enlisted in the army and hated it


  3. naturepoetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme


  4. symbolismallowing something to represent something else


  5. poehis final literary work, Eureka, was considered the key to understanding his work


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