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  1. trochaic
  2. natty bumppo
  3. brahmins
  4. irving
  5. anapestic
  1. a men of the highest ranking in literature
  2. b wrote 'history of new york' with pseudonym diedrich knickerbocker
  3. c interRUPT.... 3 syllables, 1st 2 unaccented and 3rd accented
  4. d first american hero created by cooper was __________.
  5. e MERcy... 2 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd unaccented

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  1. father of american poetry
  2. he wrote for southern literary messenger and was dismissed for drinking
  3. created the first american hero
  4. supported abolitionists and the emancipation of slaves
  5. poetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme

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  1. rip van winkle and legend of sleepy hollowpeople felt sympathy for this man because of his burns from attempting to save his wife in a fire... member of the brahmins


  2. bryantwrote 'history of new york' with pseudonym diedrich knickerbocker


  3. bryantamerica's 'nature poet'


  4. iambicbeGIN... 2 syllables, 1st unaccented and 2nd accented


  5. bryantsupported andrew jackson


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