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  1. pictograph
  2. Pop culture
  3. communication
  4. pre modern, I understand because I
  5. Printing Press
  1. a PROCESS
  2. b pollutes the soul and cheapens public life
  3. c BELIEVE
  4. d 1455 changed everything slowly
  5. e symbol of an object that is used to convey an idea

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  3. year of 1st revolution- PHONETIC WRITING
  4. divine and supernatural order
  5. invented electronic TV , which first appeared in bars, was considered low class (prowrestling, roller derby)

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  1. CATVCommunity Antenna Television-improved reception with difficult landscapes, connected homes to massive antennas, been around as long as broadcast TV


  2. demographicspersonal characteristics or audience


  3. Moderndivine and supernatural order


  4. lasswell's modelsask five questions for communication


  5. empical researchritual, narrative, shifts n cultural meanings...benz sign as necklace. neither and both


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