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  1. empical research
  2. 8 hours
  3. Selective Exposure
  4. modern, I understand because I
  5. spiral of silence
  1. a average time tv is watched daily per household
  2. b REASON
  3. c people with diff opion may be reluctant to challenge the consensus of the media
  4. d Mr. Jones watching FOX news
  5. e surverys, experiments- studies media messages using tools of social scientists

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  1. use of symbols to repersent sounds
  2. divine and supernatural order
  3. Media to opinion leaders, opinion leader to friends...replaced the magic bullet theory
  4. 51% of internet usage is...
  5. what you know is suppose to happen, doesn't. LIGHT SWITCH. discomfort with new info that opposes

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  1. post modern I understand because IBELIEVE


  2. 1000 BCyear of of 3rd revolution- DIGITAL COMPUTERS


  3. uses and gratificationsPROCESS


  4. CATVCommunity Antenna Television-improved reception with difficult landscapes, connected homes to massive antennas, been around as long as broadcast TV


  5. 1950 Quiz show scandalaverage time tv is watched daily per household


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