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  1. Phil farnswoth
  2. phonetic writing
  3. email
  4. cognitive dissonance
  5. modern, I understand because I
  1. a use of symbols to repersent sounds
  2. b what you know is suppose to happen, doesn't. LIGHT SWITCH. discomfort with new info that opposes
  3. c 51% of internet usage is...
  4. d REASON
  5. e invented electronic TV , which first appeared in bars, was considered low class (prowrestling, roller derby)

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  1. opposing hierarchy, challenge science
  2. descredited
  4. NBC 21, sponsors called shots and rigged it. Nothing happened but maybe a small increase in news
  5. NII

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  1. Modernindividualism, rationalism


  2. 1000 BCThe year the internet went from GOV to the People


  3. Internet service provideruse of symbols to repersent sounds


  4. pre modern, I understand because IBELIEVE


  5. 41year of 2nd revolution-MOVABLE TYPE (bible)


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