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  1. lasswell's models
  2. Ray Tomlison
  3. 1000 BC
  4. culture research
  5. uses and gratifications
  1. a invented email and @
  2. b ask five questions for communication
  3. c ritual, narrative, shifts n cultural meanings...benz sign as necklace. neither and both
  4. d year of 1st revolution- PHONETIC WRITING
  5. e people use media to satisfy..turning on tv when alone

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  3. more tv=more fear. mean world syndrome
  4. average time tv is watched daily per household
  5. number of TV on or off compared to # of tvs watching a program

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  1. demographicssymbol of an object that is used to convey an idea


  2. two step flowMedia to opinion leaders, opinion leader to friends...replaced the magic bullet theory


  3. agenda settingslices up messages and sends through system o various paths, reassembling at it's final destination


  4. sweepsmonths with important ratings FEB MAY NOV


  5. cultural studieshow we make meaning and understand reality through media usage


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