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  1. 1455
  2. Printing Press
  3. journalism impact
  4. 8 hours
  5. post modern I understand because I
  1. a year of 2nd revolution-MOVABLE TYPE (bible)
  2. b most people are less likely to present a view that is opposing to dominant view
  3. c 1455 changed everything slowly
  5. e average time tv is watched daily per household

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  1. 51% of internet usage is...
  2. how we make meaning and understand reality through media usage
  3. use of symbols to repersent sounds
  4. descredited
  5. average % time with media daily

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  1. sharefirst product mass produced


  2. CATVnumber on TV turned on watching a program


  3. culture researchsurverys, experiments- studies media messages using tools of social scientists


  4. Killer App1840 separated communication with transportation


  5. post moderndivine and supernatural order


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