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  1. Transcendentalism
  2. Mary Baker Eddie
  3. Catholic Counter-Reformation
  4. William Miller
  5. Pennsylvania
  1. a Quaker? (William Penn)
    religious freedom
  2. b founded Christian Science
    Jesus' love = only reality
    recovered suddenly from illness
    Wrote the book Science and Health Were the Key to Scripture
  3. c movement among high intellectuals who were liberal in their theological approach; against Calvinism and Unitarian Church
    centers on divinity of humanity and natural world
    1. believe in divine imminence
    2. intuitive perception of truth
    3. distrust of traditional authority and structure
    Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson
    3. distrust of traditiona
  4. d Council of Trent: called for reform and reconciliation
  5. e founded Mllerites
    sect of Second Adventists believed second coming was imminent
    take the Bible as the sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible

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  1. developed the Camp Meetings of the Second Great Awakening
    stressed; common Christianity, personal repentance, importance of the Bible
    seen as social occasions
  2. "to baptize again"
    return to primitive form of Christianity, Parish system
    Strict Separation of Church and State
  3. Young Men's Christian Association
    Urban Revivalism: evangelical outreach in cities
    father young men together to read the Bible and spread the faith
    founder: George Williams
  4. First wife to Henry VIII, married first to Henry's bother (pope had to allow marriage in the first place)
    represented a union with Spain
  5. Second Coming of Christ is imminent
    appeals to outcasts, oppressed, and marginalized
    Jehovah's Witnesses

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  1. Virginiainfluenced many religious groups in 17th c
    called for general reform of the church and renewal of individual spirituality


  2. Jean de BrefeufFounder Methodist (methodical conscientiousness and discipline)
    open-air preaching and organized lay-conducted "societies"


  3. 7th Day Adventists"to baptize again"
    return to primitive form of Christianity, Parish system
    Strict Separation of Church and State


  4. Lyman BeecherSold indulgences
    example of greediness in the church, Luther had big problem with


  5. Shamanhad a special relationship w/tribal spirits
    Communicate and maybe control spirits
    Sacred status (conflict w/leaders)


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