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  1. Billy Graham
  2. Transcendentalism
  3. Shakers
  4. Ulrich Zwingli
  5. Mary Baker Eddie
  1. a Belief that perfect Christian life possible
    belief in celibacy
    also called Millennial Church
    first leaders James and Jane Wardley
    "shaking Quakers"
  2. b founded Christian Science
    Jesus' love = only reality
    recovered suddenly from illness
    Wrote the book Science and Health Were the Key to Scripture
  3. c "electronic church"
    televangelists appeal to upwardly mobile, lower middle class
    espoused a conservative political agenda
  4. d began in Zurich, Switzerland
    Believed in the Symbol of Jesus at the Eucharist: no more than a memorial service
    (Transubstantiation: Christ present, bread etc. change Consubstantiation: Christ present, bread etc. not changed
  5. e movement among high intellectuals who were liberal in their theological approach; against Calvinism and Unitarian Church
    centers on divinity of humanity and natural world
    1. believe in divine imminence
    2. intuitive perception of truth
    3. distrust of traditional authority and structure
    Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson
    3. distrust of traditiona

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  1. founded Mllerites
    sect of Second Adventists believed second coming was imminent
    take the Bible as the sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible
  2. Result of intellectual and scientific developments in 17th c
    rational, scientific approach to religion (led to Deism)
  3. group that left the Millerites
    Joseph Bates and James and Ellen White
    Bible = sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible return of Jesus
  4. Transcendentalist
    wrote "Nature," "Self-Reliance," and "The Over-Soul"
  5. Henry wanted a divorce to marry her
    mother to Elizabeth, first wife to be beheaded

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  1. Evangelical Religionrefers to religion of the republic with its own values, traditions, and myths
    religion of the nation


  2. PennsylvaniaCatholic (Calvert)


  3. Henry David ThoreauEnglish preacher after Edwards
    Father of Pentecostalism
    "The Great Itinerant," preached in open air
    "quickening"- increase of religious fervor


  4. Jesuitscame with french
    more successful because they adapted to languages and cultures (Culturation)
    Father Jean de Brebeuf: work with Hurons


  5. Charles RussellFounded Jehovah's Witnesses; door-to-door approach
    strict interpretation of a bible


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