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  1. James McGready
  2. Maryland
  3. Nationalism
  4. Utopianism
  5. Billy Graham
  1. a Catholic (Calvert)
  2. b Its rise caused an increased loyalty of people to their rulers instead of loyalty to the Church (popes, bishops, etc.)
    One cause of decline for Medieval Church
  3. c "electronic church"
    televangelists appeal to upwardly mobile, lower middle class
    espoused a conservative political agenda
  4. d developed the Camp Meetings of the Second Great Awakening
    stressed; common Christianity, personal repentance, importance of the Bible
    seen as social occasions
  5. e like the Acts of the Apostles
    Shakers (believed in celibacy)
    Second Coming Imminent

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  1. First wife to Henry VIII, married first to Henry's bother (pope had to allow marriage in the first place)
    represented a union with Spain
  2. Quaker? (William Penn)
    religious freedom
  3. Archbishop of Cnaterbury
    made it so that Henry could get a divorce (sep Engl. w/Rome)
  4. Presbyterians (Pres founded by John Knox)
    first "college of New Jersey"
  5. refers to a more personal salvation, acceptance of Jesus Christ, the Bible , Grace, and repentance
    more personal

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  1. William Boothfounded Mllerites
    sect of Second Adventists believed second coming was imminent
    take the Bible as the sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible


  2. Ignatius of Loyola/Society of Jesusthe Anglican church in the United States
    After the Revolutionary war they wanted to distance themselves from anything England


  3. Walter Rauschenbuschgave intellectual respectability so that it [Social Gospel] could not be dismissed


  4. Presbyterian Church Organizationsome Puritans (in England)
    Churches are ruled by elected elders, the elders meet and guide the church as a whole and state actively supports the church


  5. James IDidn't support Puritans (some go to Holland)
    Great Migration of Puritans during reign (1630)


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