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Am. Christ. Midterm Test

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  1. Billy Sunday
  2. Charles Finney
  3. Church of Christ, Scientist
  4. Yale University
  5. Roger Williams
  1. a Congregationalists (Puritan)
    conservative group left Harvard (Increase Mather)
    in Connecticut
  2. b banished from Mass Bay Colony for religious beliefs
    founded Providence, RI for dissenters from the "New England Way"
  3. c revivalist preacher
    ranting fundamentalist preacher who attracted and entertained large crowds
  4. d developed "New Techniques"
    1. blunt explanation of Christian doctrine
    2. "Anxious bench;" people on edge of conversion
    3. allowed for people to testify
    4. allowed for long, overnight meetings
  5. e Jesus' love = only reality
    Jesus developed "scientific" healing methods

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  1. Am. industrialist and philanthropist
    "Gospel of Wealth"
    -private property
    -free competition
    -unfettered accumulation of wealth
  2. founded Salvation Army
    Methodist minister; "fighting force and at war with the power of evil"
    Based on military rankings; a Christian sect
  3. began Mormon
    experienced religious visions, found tablets contained a scriptural account
  4. movement among high intellectuals who were liberal in their theological approach; against Calvinism and Unitarian Church
    centers on divinity of humanity and natural world
    1. believe in divine imminence
    2. intuitive perception of truth
    3. distrust of traditional authority and structure
    Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson
    3. distrust of traditiona
  5. refers to a more personal salvation, acceptance of Jesus Christ, the Bible , Grace, and repentance
    more personal

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  1. PennsylvaniaQuaker? (William Penn)
    religious freedom


  2. John Calvinbegan in Switzerland; Geneva society
    Genevan Consistency: ruling body, 12 laymen and company of pastors
    Principle of Presdestination


  3. Elizabeth IReestablished protestantism (pope didn't recognize her as ruler)


  4. Jesuitscame with french
    more successful because they adapted to languages and cultures (Culturation)
    Father Jean de Brebeuf: work with Hurons


  5. HumanismImpact on Am. Revolution
    belief in supreme being but reject divine intervention, sacred texts, and miracles (belief in God nothing more)
    result of Enlightenment => extreme rationalism and skepticism
    strains: Latitudinarianism, Rationalism


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