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  1. James McGready
  2. Jean de Brefeuf
  3. John Fisher
  4. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Presbyterian Church Organization
  1. a some Puritans (in England)
    Churches are ruled by elected elders, the elders meet and guide the church as a whole and state actively supports the church
  2. b Worked with Hurons; learned their language
    Killed by Iroquois
  3. c chancellor of Cambridge University, bishop of Rochester; defender of Church vs. Martin Luther and Henry VIII
    only bishop to not swear allegiance as kind demanded (therefore beheaded)
  4. d developed the Camp Meetings of the Second Great Awakening
    stressed; common Christianity, personal repentance, importance of the Bible
    seen as social occasions
  5. e Transcendentalist
    wrote "Nature," "Self-Reliance," and "The Over-Soul"

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  1. the belief which holds that all beings, natural objects, natural phenomenon, and nature possess souls or spirits that must be reckoned with before any activity can be undertaken
    belief in "great spirit"
  2. had a special relationship w/tribal spirits
    Communicate and maybe control spirits
    Sacred status (conflict w/leaders)
  3. began Mormon
    experienced religious visions, found tablets contained a scriptural account
  4. anglican
    King James I of England took over colony
  5. like the Acts of the Apostles
    Shakers (believed in celibacy)
    Second Coming Imminent

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  1. Charles Russelldeveloped "New Techniques"
    1. blunt explanation of Christian doctrine
    2. "Anxious bench;" people on edge of conversion
    3. allowed for people to testify
    4. allowed for long, overnight meetings


  2. Nationalismhuman mediums could establish scientifically verifiable contact with spirits and pronounce religious truths in ritualized seances
    Kate Fox and Margaret Fox


  3. Social Gospelapply biblical teachings to the problems associated with industrialization and urbanization
    leaders: Washington Gladden and Walter Rauschenbusch
    "social creed of the churches;" abolition of child labor, better working conditions for women, one day off during the week, right of every worker to a living wage


  4. Episcopalianismthe Anglican church in the United States
    After the Revolutionary war they wanted to distance themselves from anything England


  5. Mormonscame with french
    more successful because they adapted to languages and cultures (Culturation)
    Father Jean de Brebeuf: work with Hurons


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