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  1. Mary Tudor
  2. Social Gospel
  3. Utopianism
  4. 7th Day Adventists
  5. Princeton University
  1. a group that left the Millerites
    Joseph Bates and James and Ellen White
    Bible = sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible return of Jesus
  2. b like the Acts of the Apostles
    Shakers (believed in celibacy)
    Second Coming Imminent
  3. c Presbyterians (Pres founded by John Knox)
    first "college of New Jersey"
  4. d apply biblical teachings to the problems associated with industrialization and urbanization
    leaders: Washington Gladden and Walter Rauschenbusch
    "social creed of the churches;" abolition of child labor, better working conditions for women, one day off during the week, right of every worker to a living wage
  5. e Henry's eldest daughter (K of A)
    ROMAN CATHOLIC; "bloody Mary," papal authority restored

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  1. Now, focus was on human ability and Free Will
    grew from intellectual climate of Boston, Mass.
    reject the Trinity and hold to the oneness of God
  2. Pope Urban II
    forgiveness of sins for those who marched
    tried to take back shrines from Muslims in Holy Land (failed)
  3. Congregationalists (Puritan)
    conservative group left Harvard (Increase Mather)
    in Connecticut
  4. revivalist preacher
    ranting fundamentalist preacher who attracted and entertained large crowds
  5. some Puritans (in England)
    Churches are ruled by elected elders, the elders meet and guide the church as a whole and state actively supports the church

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  1. Thomas MoreArchbishop of Cnaterbury
    made it so that Henry could get a divorce (sep Engl. w/Rome)


  2. Charismatic Movementmodern Pentecostal movement
    characterized by a "second baptism"
    all denominations


  3. Mary Baker EddieHenry's eldest daughter (K of A)
    ROMAN CATHOLIC; "bloody Mary," papal authority restored


  4. Edward VIOnly male heir
    absolutism relaxed under reign
    council (Cramner) more in charge = more liberal ruling


  5. Jerry McCauleyFounded Water Street Rescue Mission
    eventually set up in every city
    Care for the Wayward: missions for homeless, street people, drunks, etc.
    Lay Evangelism


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