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  1. All of the organisms that belong to the same species living in a community
  2. A close relationship between species.
  3. An organism that obtains its food by eating other organisms. They can't create their own.
  4. Where life is supported on Earth. This includes all water on the surface of Earth, the atmosphere, and the top of Earth's crust.
  5. The largest number of individuals of a particular species that an ecosystem can support over time.

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  1. CommensalismWhen one organism benefits and the other organism is not affected by their relationship.


  2. ProducerAn organism that uses an outside source of energy to create food.


  3. CommunityAll of the populations of different species that live in an ecosystem.


  4. ParasitismWhen one organism benefits and the other organism is harmed in their relationship.


  5. EcosystemPart of the environment that includes all living organisms and all nonliving features


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