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  1. Agglutination reactions
  2. C. difficile test looks for
  3. Types of precipitation reactions
  4. ELISA is a example of immunoassay, indirect ELISA uses
  5. Monoclonal Antibody Production
  1. a toxin, not bug
  2. b -Similar to precipitation reaction
    -Visible reaction because antigen or antibody is on larger molecule (cell,latex bead,charcoal)
    -Interaction of antigen and antibody causes
    clumping of large particles
  3. c Test tube
    Capillary tube
    Agarose plate
  4. d -Immunization leads to Antibody-forming cells, which fuse with tumor cells to form hybridomas.
    -Hybidomas screened for antibody production and antibody-producing hybridomas cloned
    -Monoclonal antibodies isolated for cultivation
  5. e -antigen coated to plastic well
    -protein blocks remaining plastic surface
    -Serum added(primary antibody)
    -if antibodies(bind antigen)
    -if no antibodies(antigen not bound)
    -Indicator antibody(enzyme-linked anti-Ig antibody binds primary antibody)
    -Substrate(specific for enzyme linked to secondary antibody,enzyme causes substrate to change color)
    -Reactions(color change=
    antibody in serum,no color change=
    no antibody in serum)

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  1. POC testing than ever before because of the Immediate results
  2. -known Ag (ie, Toxoplasma gondii) on slide
    -incubate with patient serum 25 min.
    -wash unbound serum away
    -incubate with conjugated anti-Hu gamma globulin ~25 min.
    -wash unbound Ab away
    detect in fluorescent microscope
  3. Great sensitivity much greater than other tests, dependent on type of tag
  4. -coated spheres or cells
    -observe agglutination
  5. change the amount of antigen with constant amount of antibody or the other way around

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  1. Direct Agglutination reactions-using cells with antigen on them
    -naturally particulate antigens


  2. Single immunodiffusion-Antibody mixed into gel with specimens in well
    -screening for presence of antigen
    precipitate forms band around well which
    indicate presence of antigen
    -size of band relative to concentration of antigen


  3. RPR - syphilis test (indirect, screening) many false positivesrat hepatocytes b/c liver cells have large nuclei


  4. Lupus - indirect test for anti-nuclear Ab (ANA) Usesrat hepatocytes b/c liver cells have large nuclei


  5. Hemagglutinin (HA), an antigenic glycoprotein from Influenza viruses morphologyparticles with attached antigens+ complementary antibodies to antigens> antibodies bind to antigens but they can't cause agglutination> when anti-lg antibodies added, agglutination occurs


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