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  1. Zone of equivalence
  2. Advantages of immunodiagnostics
  3. Agglutination reactions can occur with anti-lg-antibodies
  4. Indirect Agglutination reactions
  5. C. difficile test looks for
  1. a -Faster!
    -More field- and POC-friendly
    -Built-in controls for better accuracy/interpretation
    -Entamoeba histolytica
  2. b toxin, not bug
  3. c particles with attached antigens+ complementary antibodies to antigens> antibodies bind to antigens but they can't cause agglutination> when anti-lg antibodies added, agglutination occurs
  4. d change the amount of antigen with constant amount of antibody or the other way around
  5. e -coated spheres or cells
    -observe agglutination

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  1. Hormones (HCG, LH, HGH, FSH)
    Viral or bacterial antigens
  2. -patient sample on slide
    -ethanol to fix and kill
    -incubate with conjugated Ab ~25 min.
    -wash unbound Ab away
    -detect in fluorescent microscope
  3. marker(radioactive,fluorescent,enzyme)
  4. red blood cells agglutinate
    certain viruses (influenza)
  5. Screen for antibodies (anti-HIV, anti-rubella)

5 True/False Questions

  1. Complement fixationPositive reaction:
    -Antibody present in serum
    -Serum added to test antigen
    -Bound antibody "fixes" complement
    -No available complement to lyse indicator cells
    Negative reaction
    -No antibody in serum
    -Complement not "fixed"
    -Free complement lyses indicator cells


  2. In Gel precipitationred blood cells agglutinate
    certain viruses (influenza)


  3. Qualitative agglutinationred blood cells agglutinate
    certain viruses (influenza)


  4. RapidStrep is VERY specific, but nottoo sensitive, lots of false negatives because Monoclonal Ab based


  5. Nurses performing more-Agar dish is the solid medium
    -One well contains antibody
    -Other well contains antigen
    -Allow diffusion and form precipitate at zone of equivalence


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