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  1. Writ of Habeas Corpus
  2. Recall
  3. Conditions of Aid
  4. Intergovernmental Lobby
  5. Ex Post Facto Law
  1. a A law that makes criminal an act that was legal when it was committed.
  2. b Federal government must tell the state governments what they want to do if they want the federal government money.
  3. c Made up os mayors, governors, police chiefs, etc. who tend to count on federal funds.
  4. d Must bring an accused person in custody before a judge to show sufficient cause for the detention.
  5. e Voters can remove an elected official from office if enough of signatures are gathered on a petition and then it is brought to a vote.

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  1. English philosopher that believed all men cherish and seek to protect their life, liberty, and property.
  2. Political leaders are constrained by what most people want and therefore these politicians will closely follow the preferences of citizens.
  3. Split of power between the three branches of government to prevent one branch from becoming too powerful. Also a split of power between federal and state governments for the same reason.
  4. Federal money for specific purposes. A more specific type of Grants in Aid. I.E. build a specific airport. Usually requires some sort of "matching" funds.
  5. Federal funds provided to states for services such as airports , highways, and education.

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  1. InitiativeAllows voters to place legislative measures directly on the ballot by getting enough signatures.


  2. United States v. LopezHeld that Congress had exceeded its commerce clause power by prohibiting guns on school property.


  3. Federal RepublicDerives its powers directly from the people in which both levels of government would have certain powers, but neither would have supreme authority .


  4. Police PowerAbility of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person's intentions.


  5. Line Item Veto ActPolitical authority given by law or by written constitution.


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