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  1. inyo, ninyo, inyong
  2. ako, nako, akong
  3. niadto
  4. diha
  5. kana
  1. a That (non-focus) far from us [og]
  2. b (past tense) there (far from me not you) (location marker)
  3. c you, your, yours (pluaral) [og]
  4. d I, my, mine [og]
  5. e There (close to you) [ang]

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. you, your, yours (singular) [og]
  2. us (exclusive) [sa]
  3. There (far from us) [ang]
  4. (future tense) here (close to us) (location marker)
  5. in/at this (location) (close to us both) [sa]

5 True/False Questions

  1. ikawyou (singular) [ang]


  2. ila, nila, ilangthey, their, theirs [og]


  3. kawe (inclusive) [ang]


  4. adto(future tense) there (fare from both of us) (location marker)


  5. kaninyo, sa inyohim/her


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