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  1. open, save and print
  2. to change, by deleting text. You can also use: Backspace, CTRL+Backspace, Delete, or CTRL+Delete.
  3. appears to show you the name of the command
  4. the blinking-I pointer, shows where the insertion point is located
  5. file
  6. used to enter specific information to perform a particular task, such as naming and saving a document

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  1. pointerthe arrow that lets you select commands on screen


  2. button(or command), a small image that can be clicked to perform various tasks. They are organized under tabs and groups.


  3. groupchanges the magnification. You can zoom in to make content easier to read, or zoom out to see more of a document on the screen.


  4. status bardisplays the name of the document or file at the top of the screen


  5. scroll barsmove a document up and down or left and right on the screen


  6. tabcontains several related groups (home, insert, references, page layout, mailings, review, view)


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