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  1. Where were the early short training courses for Practical Nursing (LPN) started and what were they like?
  2. Why is nursing often not considered to be a profession?
  3. Licensure today requires what?
  4. What are written documents evidencing competence?
  5. a listing of information with the government
  1. a Credentials
  2. b Young Womens Christian Association (100 yrs ago); permissive licensure until the 50s & 60s.
  3. c Sometimes due to not requiring BSN, and some argue that nurses take doctors orders and simply carry them out
  4. d registration
  5. e 1. Graduation from approved program
    2. payment of fee with periodic renewal
    3. passing standardize exam (NCLEX)
    4. evidence of continued competence (SOME states)

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  1. during the Vietnam Conflict
  2. license
  3. All nursing education should take place in institutions of higher learning (no more diploma schools), BSN minimum preparation for "professional nursing", AD minimum preparation for "technical nursing". NLN does not support this paper. Resulted in only 1 state (ND) implementing, but changed in 2004.
  4. Multi-State Recognition Licensure (Nurse Licensure Compact)
  5. nurses be trained and have continuing education, and not rely on "female caring instincts"

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  1. What was the Nightingale Endowment Fund used for?the first Nightingale Training School (St. Thomas hospital in London)


  2. What did nursing roots primarily come from?purchased own supplies and recruited group of nurses to set up her own hospital to treat British casualties


  3. Who revived the deaconess movement & opened a small hospital for training programs?Yale


  4. LPNs must work under direct supervision of RN or MD except when working where?A demand for technically capable workers in new industries, GI bill, and a nursing shortage influenced by the baby boom.


  5. What is the purpose of licensure?The protection of the public.....NOT protection of your status!


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