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  1. Diploma programs are bases on what?
  2. Why was the growth of BSN programs slow?
  3. Who is responsible for regulating nursing?
  4. What 3 factors had an overall historical influence on nursing that still persists in some forms today?
  5. What is a Certification?
  1. a shows expertise in certain area rather than minimal competency, voluntary, issued by American Nurses Credentialing Center instead of the government, requires an exam but doesn't necessarily give a higher status or reward
  2. b Nightingale Model & influenced by war experiences
  3. c 1. The status of women ("duty" with no economic reward necessary)
    2. Religious roots (a calling & not a career)
    3. Military influence (obedience to authority)
  4. d Many thought nursing was technical and not worthy of being in University. Many thought women didn't need liberal education, and many physicians opposed it.
  5. e THE STATE

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  1. nurses be trained and have continuing education, and not rely on "female caring instincts"
  2. 1. School shortened to 2 years instead of 3 to produce more nurses faster.
    2. Nurse's Aides to help meet shortage
  3. 1. No more private duty nurses due to the lack of funds
    2. Closure of many hospital training programs
    3. Movement of trained nurses back into hospitals & hospitals now main site of working nurses
  4. State Boards of Nursing
  5. Doctoral education; DNP (doctors of nursing practice) only 3 programs exist

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  1. What did the Brown Report influence?NLN Accreditation Standards: school must show that students are not used as labor force and that every activity has a defined educational purpose


  2. influences legislation and defines social policy, ethics and standards. Has local, state, and national chapters. considered the "voice of organized nursing"Graduate Nursing; Master's Degree Programs


  3. the individual is uniquely suited- something you do because you are called to do it, not worried about the pay.vocation


  4. What was the Brown Report?predicted battles over title. Researched nursing shortage and set up demonstration programs in community colleges causing AD programs to grow rapidly.


  5. What was the effect of WW I?management structure of school different from that of hospital to eliminate conflict of interest


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