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  1. What was the Nightingale Endowment Fund used for?
  2. What were the federal funds called that payed for nurse training for both military and civilian sectors, and when was this first seen?
  3. Who was credited for publicizing the need for nurses during the American Civil War?
  4. Common people sent in their spare change to what fund?
  5. What effect did the Industrial Revolution have on nursing?
  1. a No longer did everyone grow their own food, went to factories. Poor working conditions, overcrowding, and disease.
  2. b Nightingale Endowment Fund
  3. c Louisa May Alcott & Walt Whitman
  4. d the first Nightingale Training School (St. Thomas hospital in London)
  5. e Cadet Nurse Corps; during World War II

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  1. purchased own supplies and recruited group of nurses to set up her own hospital to treat British casualties
  2. NLN (which also supports all levels of nursing education)
  3. Nursing home (due to lower complexity of tasks)
  4. take same exam, hired at same salary, do same job
  5. 1. Need for trained nurses
    2. New schools based on Nightingale method
    3. Exploitation of students

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  1. Who is responsible for starting registry and the first attempt to control types of schooling individual nurses must have?Sometimes due to not requiring BSN, and some argue that nurses take doctors orders and simply carry them out


  2. What are some of the issues and challenges regarding BSN programs?focuses on the "how" instead of the "why"


  3. The initial commissioning of male nurses by the Army and Navy happened when?in addition to diploma/AD content, BSN includes coursework in health promotion/containment, disease prevention, leadership, introduction to research, and community/public health.


  4. What did nursing roots primarily come from?predicted battles over title. Researched nursing shortage and set up demonstration programs in community colleges causing AD programs to grow rapidly.


  5. Who accredits schools of nursing?Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)


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