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  1. LPNs must work under direct supervision of RN or MD except when working where?
  2. Specialty organizations tend to be organized around what?
  3. Why was the growth of BSN programs slow?
  4. Where were the early short training courses for Practical Nursing (LPN) started and what were they like?
  5. During the Great Depression what federal funds were used to support hospitals and employ nurses?
  1. a Many thought nursing was technical and not worthy of being in University. Many thought women didn't need liberal education, and many physicians opposed it.
  2. b Clinical specialty, ethnicity, religious affiliation, etc..
  3. c Nursing home (due to lower complexity of tasks)
  4. d Roosevelt's "New Deal"
  5. e Young Womens Christian Association (100 yrs ago); permissive licensure until the 50s & 60s.

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  1. Associate Degree Programs
  2. 1. School shortened to 2 years instead of 3 to produce more nurses faster.
    2. Nurse's Aides to help meet shortage
  3. American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  4. degrees/diplomas
  5. Institutional Licensure

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  1. What did Mildred Montag do?predicted battles over title. Researched nursing shortage and set up demonstration programs in community colleges causing AD programs to grow rapidly.


  2. What are written documents evidencing competence?NLN Accreditation Standards: school must show that students are not used as labor force and that every activity has a defined educational purpose


  3. What are some of the issues and challenges regarding BSN programs?expensive (low student: faculty ratio in clinical setting), difficulty finding faculty, and scarcity of clinical sites


  4. What is the purpose of licensure?The protection of the public.....NOT protection of your status!


  5. What did Mary Seacole do during Crimean war?purchased own supplies and recruited group of nurses to set up her own hospital to treat British casualties


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