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  1. Florence was known for her actions during which war?
  2. Who was the first public health nurse and the founder of occupational health nursing?
  3. Which act required completion of approved training course for CNAs?
  4. Any activity engaged in to earn a living
  5. Who was the first American "trained nurse"?
  1. a Crimean War (decreased mortality rate)
  2. b occupation
  3. c Omnibus Budget reconciliation Act (OBRA)
  4. d Lillian Wald
  5. e Linda Richards

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  1. license
  2. advancing nursing education (such as accreditation of schools).
  3. registration
  4. Nightingale Endowment Fund
  5. 1. A collapse of religious nursing orders
    2. Disappearance of men from nursing
    3. Nursing now seen as dirty work & undesirable

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  1. Who was credited for publicizing the need for nurses during the American Civil War?Isabel Hampton Robb


  2. What was the Crimean War significant for?publicizing what war was really like to a shocked British public


  3. What is involved in the Nurse Practice Act?Establish Board, Defines nursing, gives power to grant licenses, gives power to approve nursing programs, gives power to deny or revoke licenses and to discipline nurses


  4. What did Mary Seacole do during Crimean war?Strict discipline and obedience (thanks to the church)


  5. What are some of the issues and challenges regarding BSN programs?expensive (low student: faculty ratio in clinical setting), difficulty finding faculty, and scarcity of clinical sites


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