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  1. What was the effect of WW II on nursing?
  2. What was the effect of WW I?
  3. influences legislation and defines social policy, ethics and standards. Has local, state, and national chapters. considered the "voice of organized nursing"
  4. Any activity engaged in to earn a living
  5. What are diploma programs like today?
  1. a occupation
  2. b Very few in number (none in FL), producing least amount of graduates. often loosely affiliated with institutions of higher learning, but credits sometimes will not transfer. Most are 27-36 calendar months in length.
  3. c American Nurses Association (ANA)
  4. d management structure of school different from that of hospital to eliminate conflict of interest
  5. e A demand for technically capable workers in new industries, GI bill, and a nursing shortage influenced by the baby boom.

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  1. Doctoral education; DNP (doctors of nursing practice) only 3 programs exist
  2. Harriett Tubman
  3. Theodore Fliedner
  4. No longer did everyone grow their own food, went to factories. Poor working conditions, overcrowding, and disease.
  5. Institutional Licensure

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  1. What is the nursing's honor society?Lucille Brown- concerned that not enough women interested in nursing, and that nursing schools were not giving enough education. Report stating that apprenticeship training be abandoned and replaced with planned educational systems.


  2. The Crusades led to the development of what?Knights Hospitalers (fought battles & took care of sick and injured)


  3. LPNs must work under direct supervision of RN or MD except when working where?1. No more private duty nurses due to the lack of funds
    2. Closure of many hospital training programs
    3. Movement of trained nurses back into hospitals & hospitals now main site of working nurses


  4. Which act required completion of approved training course for CNAs?Strict discipline and obedience (thanks to the church)


  5. What are written documents evidencing competence?Credentials


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