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  1. nutrients
  2. protons
  3. eukaryotes
  4. proteins
  5. half life
  1. a contain a membrane-enclosed nucleus and various organelles that perform specific functions
    Plants, animals, fungi, protists
  2. b Elements and compounds that organisms consume and require for survival. Stimulate plant production
    Lack of nutrients can limit production.
    Nitrogen and phosphorus are important for plant and algal growth.
  3. c Positively charged particles
  4. d The amount of time it takes for one-half of the atoms to give off radiation and decay
  5. e Long chains of organic molecules called amino acids

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  1. Atoms with differing numbers of neutrons
  2. Energy of position
  3. Organisms that gain energy by feeding on others.Animals, fungi, microbes A.K.A Consumers
  4. Organic compounds that combine to form long chains of repeated molecules, building blocks of life
  5. Simple carbohydrates, 3-7 carbons long. Glucose: provides energy for cells

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  1. second law of thermodynamicsEnergy can change forms, but cannot be created or destroyed


  2. atmosphereIs composed of the air surrounding our planet


  3. poolsWhere nutrients remain for varying amounts of time


  4. feedback loopRather than stabilizing a system, they drive it further toward an extreme. E.g. Can occur with the process of erosion, the removal of soil by water or wind.


  5. acidicSolutions have a pH less than 7.


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