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  1. half life
  2. law of conservation of matter
  3. cell
  4. gross primary production
  5. DNA and RNA
  1. a Matter may be transformed from one type of substance into others, but it cannot be created or destroyed
  2. b The basic unit of life's organization
  3. c The amount of time it takes for one-half of the atoms to give off radiation and decay
  4. d Deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid, carry the hereditary information of organisms
  5. e Assimilation of energy by autotrophs

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  1. An increasing state of disorder. For example, burning a log of firewood transforms the log from a highly organized product into light and heat energy, gases, smoke, and carbon ash.
  2. The movement of nutrients through ecosystems
  3. Energy can change forms, but cannot be created or destroyed
  4. Organelles where photosynthesis occurs
  5. Where nutrients remain for varying amounts of time

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  1. solutionNo chemical bonding, but is a mixture of substances (i.e., blood, ocean water)


  2. transpirationRelease of water vapor by plants


  3. macromoleculesCombinations of two or more atoms that bond together


  4. energyAn intangible phenomenon that can change the position, physical composition, or temperature of matter


  5. matterAll material in the universe that has mass and occupies space


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