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  1. productivity
  2. first law of thermodynamics
  3. protons
  4. cell
  5. polymers
  1. a The basic unit of life's organization
  2. b Positively charged particles
  3. c Rate at which autotrophs convert energy to biomass
  4. d Energy can change forms, but cannot be created or destroyed
  5. e Organic compounds that combine to form long chains of repeated molecules, building blocks of life

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  1. Is composed of the air surrounding our planet
  2. Rather than stabilizing a system, they drive it further toward an extreme. E.g. Can occur with the process of erosion, the removal of soil by water or wind.
  3. A atom's nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged particles
  4. Simple carbohydrates, 3-7 carbons long. Glucose: provides energy for cells
  5. The study of how landscape structure affects the abundance, distribution, and interaction of organisms

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  1. carbohydratesAtoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen


  2. solutionParticles lacking electric charge


  3. gross primary productionEnergy remaining after respiration, used to generate biomass. Available for heterotrophs


  4. starchUsed by plants to store energy, Animals eat plants to acquire it


  5. neutronsParticles lacking electric charge


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