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  1. protons
  2. carbohydrates
  3. ions
  4. hypoxia
  5. second law of thermodynamics
  1. a Atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
  2. b Low concentrations of dissolved oxygen in water
  3. c Electrically charged atoms
  4. d The nature of energy changes from a more-ordered to a less-ordered state if no force counteracts this tendency
  5. e Positively charged particles

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  1. Contain only carbon and hydrogen, Make up fossil fuels,
    The simplest hydrocarbon is methane (natural gas),
    Can be a gas, liquid, or solid
  2. An increasing state of disorder. For example, burning a log of firewood transforms the log from a highly organized product into light and heat energy, gases, smoke, and carbon ash.
  3. The basic unit of life's organization
  4. Process of nutrient overenrichment, blooms of algae, increased production of organic matter, and subsequent ecosystem degradation
  5. The movement of nutrients through ecosystems

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  1. heterotrophsOrganisms that gain energy by feeding on others.Animals, fungi, microbes A.K.A Consumers


  2. atomsThe smallest components that maintain the chemical properties of the element


  3. elementsA fundamental type of matter, a chemical substance with a set of properties, which cannot be broken down into substances with other properties, There are 92 in nature and more than 20 others that have been artificially created


  4. fluxMovement of nutrients among pools. Can change over time.


  5. biosphereIs composed of the air surrounding our planet


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