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  1. net primary production
  2. protons
  3. productivity
  4. inorganic compounds
  5. feedback loop
  1. a A system's output can serve as input to that same system, a circular process.
  2. b Positively charged particles
  3. c Energy remaining after respiration, used to generate biomass. Available for heterotrophs
  4. d Rate at which autotrophs convert energy to biomass
  5. e Lack carbon-carbon bonds

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  1. Ecosystems whose plants rapidly convert solar energy to biomass
  2. Organelles where photosynthesis occurs
  3. Proteins, nucleic acid and carbohydrates, lipids are not polymers but are also essential to life, they are all large in size
  4. A atom's nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged particles
  5. Energy can change forms, but cannot be created or destroyed

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  1. neutronsA atom's nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged particles


  2. poolsElectrically charged atoms


  3. eutrophicationWater moves from aquatic and land systems to air


  4. ecotonesTransitional zones between two ecosystems in which elements of each ecosystem mix


  5. organic compoundsConsist of carbon atoms joined by bonds with hydrogen and may consist of other elements


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