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  1. patches
  2. phytoplankton
  3. nutrients
  4. half life
  5. atomic number
  1. a The amount of time it takes for one-half of the atoms to give off radiation and decay
  2. b Ecosystems, communities, or habitat form the landscape and are distributed in complex patterns (a mosaic)
  3. c Microscopic photosynthetic algae, protists, and cyanobacteria that drift near the surface
  4. d Elements and compounds that organisms consume and require for survival. Stimulate plant production
    Lack of nutrients can limit production.
    Nitrogen and phosphorus are important for plant and algal growth.
  5. e Atoms of each element that have a defined number of protons

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  1. Regions of DNA that code for proteins that perform certain functions
  2. Simple carbohydrates, 3-7 carbons long. Glucose: provides energy for cells
  3. Release of water vapor by plants
  4. A atom's nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged particles
  5. Electrically charged atoms

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  1. hydrosphereConsists of all the planet's living organisms and the abiotic (nonliving) portions of the environment with which they interact.


  2. chloroplastsAtoms with differing numbers of neutrons


  3. neutronsA atom's nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged particles


  4. macromoleculesTransitional zones between two ecosystems in which elements of each ecosystem mix


  5. enzymesOrganic compounds that combine to form long chains of repeated molecules, building blocks of life


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