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  1. congruity
  2. colloquy
  3. convivial
  4. conciliatory
  5. corporeal
  1. a solid, tangible (adj)
  2. b formal conversation (noun)
  3. c attempting to reconcile or overcome the distrust of (adj)
  4. d the state of being appropriate and harmonious (noun)
  5. e friendly or agreeable (adj)

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  1. mercy or leniency (noun)
  2. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods (adj)
  3. willing or ready to trust to easily (adj)
  4. to interpret, infer (verb)
  5. guilty (adj)

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  1. collusiona secret agreement for nefarious reasons, a conspiracy (noun)


  2. continenceto come into opposition with, to deny or oppose (verb with object)


  3. circumscribeto encircle or delineate, to draw boundaries (verb)


  4. crescendobelief as to the truth of something (noun)


  5. consummateto bring to a state or perfection, to fulfill (verb), complete or perfect (adj)


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