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  1. cosset
  2. clemency
  3. countermand
  4. convivial
  5. culpable
  1. a mercy or leniency (noun)
  2. b to treat as a pet, pamper (verb)
  3. c friendly or agreeable (adj)
  4. d guilty (adj)
  5. e to revoke or cancel by command or order (verb)

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  1. spacious, roomy (adj)
  2. solid, tangible (adj)
  3. agreeable, in agreement as to sound (adj)
  4. fatness, largeness of body (noun)
  5. the state of being appropriate and harmonious (noun)

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  1. countenance (V)appearance, particularly the face


  2. convoketo summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)


  3. contravenecowardly (adj)


  4. copiousspacious, roomy (adj)


  5. conjureto call together, summon or assemble (verb)


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