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  1. conjure
  2. consonant
  3. crescendo
  4. compunction
  5. craven
  1. a a feeling of uneasiness at a wrongdoing, regret for causing pain, remorse (noun)
  2. b agreeable, in agreement as to sound (adj)
  3. c cowardly (adj)
  4. d to summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)
  5. e a steady increase in force or intensity of music (noun), to do so (verb)

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  1. the state of being an accomplice or partner in a wrongdoing (noun)
  2. fatness, largeness of body (noun)
  3. solid, tangible (adj)
  4. prudent, conscious, watchful, discreet (adj)
  5. to call together, summon or assemble (verb)

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  1. congruityrelating to a condition present at birth (adj)


  2. commodiousspacious, roomy (adj)


  3. commensurateof equal extent or duration, proportionate (adj)


  4. circumscribeprudent, conscious, watchful, discreet (adj)


  5. clemencymercy or leniency (noun)


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