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  1. colloquy
  2. cosset
  3. conciliatory
  4. corpulence
  5. convivial
  1. a friendly or agreeable (adj)
  2. b attempting to reconcile or overcome the distrust of (adj)
  3. c to treat as a pet, pamper (verb)
  4. d formal conversation (noun)
  5. e fatness, largeness of body (noun)

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  1. a feeling of uneasiness at a wrongdoing, regret for causing pain, remorse (noun)
  2. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods (adj)
  3. to permit or tolerate
  4. spacious, roomy (adj)
  5. twisted, confused and intertwined (adj)

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  1. comelinessthe state of being an accomplice or partner in a wrongdoing (noun)


  2. countermandto revoke or cancel by command or order (verb)


  3. complicitygreed for wealth (noun)


  4. contraveneto come into opposition with, to deny or oppose (verb with object)


  5. collateralsolid, tangible (adj)


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