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  1. countenance (N)
  2. complicity
  3. convivial
  4. cosset
  5. coalesce
  1. a mix, or fuse together different elements (verb)
  2. b appearance, particularly the face
  3. c friendly or agreeable (adj)
  4. d the state of being an accomplice or partner in a wrongdoing (noun)
  5. e to treat as a pet, pamper (verb)

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  1. to summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)
  2. many in number (adj)
  3. greed for wealth (noun)
  4. to confirm (verb)
  5. to bring to a state or perfection, to fulfill (verb), complete or perfect (adj)

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  1. culpablemany in number (adj)


  2. cravento come into opposition with, to deny or oppose (verb with object)


  3. convoketo summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)


  4. compunctiona feeling of uneasiness at a wrongdoing, regret for causing pain, remorse (noun)


  5. contravenecowardly (adj)


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