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  1. coalesce
  2. culpable
  3. craven
  4. circumscribe
  5. continence
  1. a guilty (adj)
  2. b mix, or fuse together different elements (verb)
  3. c restraint, abstinence or temperance (noun)
  4. d to encircle or delineate, to draw boundaries (verb)
  5. e cowardly (adj)

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  1. solid, tangible (adj)
  2. to permit or tolerate
  3. a feeling of uneasiness at a wrongdoing, regret for causing pain, remorse (noun)
  4. to revoke or cancel by command or order (verb)
  5. to bring to a state or perfection, to fulfill (verb), complete or perfect (adj)

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  1. clemencybelief as to the truth of something (noun)


  2. conjectureto summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)


  3. consonantagreeable, in agreement as to sound (adj)


  4. commensurateof equal extent or duration, proportionate (adj)


  5. crescendobelief as to the truth of something (noun)


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