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  1. Case study
  2. Experimental vs. Control Group
  3. Sigmund Freud
  4. Median
  5. Random Sample
  1. a each person in a group has an = chance of participating
  2. b examining one individual in depth to extrapolate to all
    weakness - atypical individuals -> wrong conclusions
    strength - suggest directions for further study
  3. c psychoanalysis; id ego superego; austrian physician whose work focused on the unconscious causes of behavior and personality formation
  4. d experimental - group affected by experiment test; control - group that is not affected by changed variables
  5. e middle value in a rank-ordered data set (measure of central tendency)

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  1. functionalism; studied how humans use perception to function in our environment. Harvard. looked at stream of consciousness
  2. an integrated perspective that incorporates biological, psychological, and social-cultural levels of analysis
  3. independent variable manipulated by experimenter; dependent changes based on independent
  4. self/conscious personality & reason/logic
  5. german physiologist who founded psychology as a formal science

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  1. Naturalistic observationobserving and recording behavior
    weakness - lack of control
    strength - applications to real life behavior


  2. The Scientific Attitude (3 parts)Basic - conducted in lab
    Applied - outside the lab, real world problems


  3. Standard deviationcomputed measure of how much scores vary about the mean (measure of variability)


  4. Rangemost frequently occurring value in data set (measure of central tendency)


  5. Correlationmiddle value in a rank-ordered data set (measure of central tendency)


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