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  1. Wilhelm Wundt
  2. Pysche & Logos (Grk origin words)
  3. Independent vs. Dependent variable
  4. Mode
  5. Humanistic Psychology
  1. a self/conscious personality & reason/logic
  2. b dealt with conscious experiences and the importance of the individual. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow
  3. c most frequently occurring value in data set (measure of central tendency)
  4. d independent variable manipulated by experimenter; dependent changes based on independent
  5. e german physiologist who founded psychology as a formal science

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  1. structuralism, aimed to discover structures of the mind through introspection
  2. Basic - conducted in lab
    Applied - outside the lab, real world problems
  3. a testable prediction, helps shape/groove a theory
  4. random sample of self-reported attitudes, opinions, and behaviors
    weakness - answers depend on the way question is worded and respondents are chosen
    strength - can look at many cases for generalizing
  5. Range = highest minus lowest (values in data set) (measure of variability)

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  1. Biopsychosocial Approachresearch based on experience and observations


  2. Random Sampleeach person in a group has an = chance of participating


  3. Definition of Psychologythe scientific study of behavior and mental processes


  4. William Jamesgerman physiologist who founded psychology as a formal science


  5. Meanmiddle value in a rank-ordered data set (measure of central tendency)


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