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  1. Experimentation
  2. Experimental vs. Control Group
  3. The Scientific Attitude (3 parts)
  4. Case study
  5. Correlation
  1. a experimental - group affected by experiment test; control - group that is not affected by changed variables
  2. b examining one individual in depth to extrapolate to all
    weakness - atypical individuals -> wrong conclusions
    strength - suggest directions for further study
  3. c Curiosity, skepticism, and humility
  4. d exploring cause and effect - manipulate some factors while keeping others constant
  5. e the measure of a relationship between two variables or sets of data; stronger correlation = closer to 1.00 or -1.00
    Note - correlation doesn't assume causation!

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  1. computed measure of how much scores vary about the mean (measure of variability)
  2. structuralism, aimed to discover structures of the mind through introspection
  3. self/conscious personality & reason/logic
  4. most frequently occurring value in data set (measure of central tendency)
  5. independent variable manipulated by experimenter; dependent changes based on independent

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  1. Medianaverage (measure of central tendency)


  2. Behaviorismtool for explaining behavior


  3. Random SampleRange = highest minus lowest (values in data set) (measure of variability)


  4. Hypothesistool for explaining behavior


  5. Theorytool for explaining behavior


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