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  1. In the black
  2. product managment
  3. DPD's-digital downloads royalties
  4. recording funds for new artist-Independant
  5. superstar
  1. a label gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)
  2. b artist sells enough albums to be recouped
  3. c 0-250K for independant/ avg. 25 to 100K
  4. d gets all departments to work together to push an artits album. coordination.
  5. e 18% to 20% of wholesale

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  1. person who signs a license. combolation albums.
  2. sum of money pd to an artist by the record label.
  3. compute and pay royalties, track labels income and expense
  4. dot or star next to a records number on a major trade
  5. 1 million plus

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  1. A&R?sum of money pd to an artist by the record label.


  2. new artistbuy from distributors and sell to mom & pop


  3. midlevel royalties3 to 4% of wholesale


  4. mid level artistalbum sales 250K-500K, new artist being chased


  5. escalationsmain purpose is getting the reocrd lables artist played on the radio. may also work with vidoe play


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