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  1. Label key terms
  2. ovveride
  3. Other advances
  4. royalty calculations
  5. Promotion
  1. a Distrubutor, Retailer, Record
  2. b recording costs, video production, etc.
  3. c rides on top of the artists deal-will be taken out of artist royalties. (demo deal remibursement)
  4. d percentage of wholesale and percentage is a point
  5. e main purpose is getting the reocrd lables artist played on the radio. may also work with vidoe play

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  1. buy from distributors and sell to mom & pop
  2. measures record sales
  3. 3 to 4% of wholesale
  4. equalizing adjusting the bass, midrange & treble to suitable levle
  5. producer is paid on sales after recoupment of recording, calculated form artists all in rate

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  1. Marketingequalizing adjusting the bass, midrange & treble to suitable levle


  2. wholesale distributor?wholesaler that sells physical copies of record to stores.


  3. mixinggetting the correct level for each track


  4. AdvancesOversees the retail aspect. works with stores to get new albums on store shelves


  5. streaming on demandArtist creates a corporation which then signs with the label


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