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  1. licensees
  2. In the black
  3. Non interactive webcasting
  4. A&R?
  5. Other advances
  1. a Artists & Repertoire department in charge of finding talent
  2. b am/fm radio
  3. c person who signs a license. combolation albums.
  4. d artist sells enough albums to be recouped
  5. e recording costs, video production, etc.

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  1. label gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)
  2. 85% of us
  3. rock band 100K to 250K, urban/hip hop/pop advance & recording cost
  4. sales less than 100,000, had a record deal but lsot it, never had a record deal
  5. one million in sales in the us

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  1. Divisions of Major Labelartist less likely to have control, large royalty to label, slow decision making, artist ideas less likely to be heard


  2. ovverideany kind of delivery of music for consumer use


  3. product managmentgets all departments to work together to push an artits album. coordination.


  4. All In Royaltiesartist is responsible for paying producer and miser out of his record royalties


  5. royalty calculationspercentage of wholesale and percentage is a point


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