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  1. recording funds for new artist-Independant
  2. basic royalty
  3. Finance department
  4. 90% net sales
  5. distribution methods
  1. a compute and pay royalties, track labels income and expense
  2. b 10% for breakage
  3. c 0-250K for independant/ avg. 25 to 100K
  4. d artist based on wholesale
  5. e wholesale, one-stop, rack jobbers, licensees

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  1. 13% to 16% of wholesale
  2. Free Goods, Reserves, Packaging, Net Sales
  3. does not obligate the label to release, but allows artist to be released
  4. distrubtion can be an issue, smaller staff, less radio play influence
  5. lease floor space in box stores

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  1. cross collateralizationdistrubution, large staff, radio play


  2. multi trackartist sells enough albums to be recouped


  3. Major terrotires royaltiesUK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Holland, Germany, France 70-75%


  4. new artistsales less than 100,000, had a record deal but lsot it, never had a record deal


  5. Who doesn't need a labelniche artist


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