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  1. midlevel artist reocrding cost
  2. pressing & distribution deals
  3. producer advances
  4. escalations
  5. soundscan?
  1. a measures record sales
  2. b to increase royalties at certain sales levels
  3. c agreement where artist or company hires another compay to manufacture records and distribute them.
  4. d 300K to 750K
  5. e new 0-10K, midlevel 40-50K, superstar 75-150K

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  1. producer is paid on sales after recoupment of recording, calculated form artists all in rate
  2. 18% to 20% of wholesale
  3. one million in sales in the us
  4. gets all departments to work together to push an artits album. coordination.
  5. rock band 100K to 250K, urban/hip hop/pop advance & recording cost

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  1. Who doesn't need a labelartist less likely to have control, large royalty to label, slow decision making, artist ideas less likely to be heard


  2. mid level artist15% to 17% wholesale


  3. deficitprocess of cutting out the undesired parts & splicing in the desired parts


  4. Non interactive webcastingUK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Holland, Germany, France 70-75%


  5. greatest hits advancenew artist 25K, midlevel 50K superstart 100K


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