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  1. licensees
  2. What are reserves?
  3. 90% net sales
  4. editing
  5. cross collateralization
  1. a process of cutting out the undesired parts & splicing in the desired parts
  2. b % of royalties held back for possible returned records
  3. c person who signs a license. combolation albums.
  4. d 10% for breakage
  5. e clause that allows a record label to take artist royalties earned from oen album and apply them to any recoupable advances or cost incurred

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  1. Artists & Repertoire department in charge of finding talent
  2. twice a year
  3. Oversees the retail aspect. works with stores to get new albums on store shelves
  4. distrubtion can be an issue, smaller staff, less radio play influence
  5. getting the correct level for each track

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  1. Advancessum of money pd to an artist by the record label.


  2. Free goodsbuy from distributors and sell to mom & pop


  3. Finance departmentcompute and pay royalties, track labels income and expense


  4. top producerssam phillips, rick rubin, brian eno, george martin


  5. sideperson performanceback up vocals, label gets credit,


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