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  1. Finance department
  2. What are reserves?
  3. cross collateralization
  4. Major terrotires royalties
  5. business affairs
  1. a contracts, negotiates, makes decisions
  2. b % of royalties held back for possible returned records
  3. c compute and pay royalties, track labels income and expense
  4. d clause that allows a record label to take artist royalties earned from oen album and apply them to any recoupable advances or cost incurred
  5. e UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Holland, Germany, France 70-75%

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  1. label gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)
  2. consultation-label will disucss with artist. Approval-artist must approve. right to create-artist can create their own artwork.
  3. agreement where artist or company hires another compay to manufacture records and distribute them.
  4. responsible for dealing with the newer aspects of the industry
  5. main purpose is getting the reocrd lables artist played on the radio. may also work with vidoe play

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  1. Marketingequalizing adjusting the bass, midrange & treble to suitable levle


  2. new artistsales less than 100,000, had a record deal but lsot it, never had a record deal


  3. multi trackcollection of separate tracks


  4. Pros to major labeldistrubution, large staff, radio play


  5. wholesale distributor?buy from manufacturing co. & sell to reatil stores.


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