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  1. Dramatic Perspective
  2. Mood
  3. Cosmic Irony
  4. Jargon
  5. Free Verse
  1. a the emotional atmosphere of a work
  2. b poetry with no regular rhyme or rhythm.
  3. c the specialized language or vocabulary of a particular group or profession
  4. d teller presents just the facts.
  5. e the "greater forces" are indifferent to or ineffective in the human condition

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  1. resolution, outcome replicating thought.
  2. a sentence expressing strong feeling, usually punctuated with an exclamation mark
  3. intentional exaggeration to create an effect.
  4. a narrator who presents the story as it is seen and understood by a single character and restricts information to what is seen, heard, thought, or felt by that one character.
  5. soft, pleasing sounds. The opposite of cacophony.

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  1. Epica major category or type of literature.


  2. Elegya formal poem presenting a meditation on death or another solemn theme. A dirge is a similar term that is a funeral song of lamentation


  3. Interior Monologue: conversation between two or more people.


  4. Epigrama saying or statement on the title page of a work, or used as a heading for a chapter or other section of work


  5. Metaphorsoft, pleasing sounds. The opposite of cacophony.


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