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  1. Expletive
  2. Meter
  3. Dramatic Perspective
  4. Dissonance
  5. Motivation
  1. a teller presents just the facts.
  2. b an interjection to lend emphasis; sometimes, a profanity
  3. c The patterned repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables
  4. d a character's incentive or reason fir behaving in a certain manner; that which impels a character to act
  5. e harsh, inharmonious, or discordant sounds.

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  1. a long narrative poem written in elevated style which presents the adventures of characters of high position and episodes that are important to the history of a race or nation.
  2. characterized by emotion, subjectivity, and imagination; song-like
  3. the struggle between opposing forces. A conflict can be an internal struggle within a character, or external struggle brought on by something outside the character
  4. substituting the name of one object for another object closely associated with it ("The pen [writing] is mightier than the sword [war/fighting]")
  5. a sensory detail.

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  1. Idyllican adjective to describe a description of a picturesque country life, an idealized story of happy innocence. Also referred to as Pastoral.


  2. Connotation: the literal meaning of a word.


  3. Exclamatory Sentencerepetition of a consonant sound in any position.


  4. Epithetan inscription on a tombstone or burial place.


  5. Mood: a standard theme, element, or dramatic situation that recurs in various works


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