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  1. law making body
  2. made up mostly of priests and aristocrats
  3. unified synagogue worship
  1. a pharisees
  2. b sanhedrin
  3. c sadducees

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  1. pharisees
  2. sadducees
  3. pharisees
  4. zealots
  5. zealots

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  1. an apocalyptic group (believed the kingdom of god would begin with a dramatic/catastrophic event)essenes


  2. named for the priest appointed by solomon to be in charge of the ark of the covenantpharisees


  3. jewish historian josephus may have been oneessenes


  4. to live a life of holiness many withdrew from society and others lived in tight knit groups in towns and villagesessenes


  5. fell our of existence after the temple was destroyed in 70 CEpharisees


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