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  1. les transports en commun
  2. descendre (de)
  3. se trouver
  4. être perdu(e)
  5. un feu (tricolore)
  1. a to be lost
  2. b to be located
  3. c the public transportation
  4. d to go down; to get off
  5. e a traffic light

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  1. to give directions
  2. a billboard
  3. a street
  4. a intersection
  5. a rotary; roundabout

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  1. un trottoira place where four cars meet


  2. un carrefoura place where four cars meet


  3. la circulationthe traffic


  4. brûler un feu rougea street


  5. monter (dans une voiture, dans un train)to get (in a car, on a train)


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