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  1. un panneau
  2. un feu (tricolore)
  3. ĂȘtre perdu(e)
  4. les clous
  5. un rond-point
  1. a to be lost
  2. b a rotary; roundabout
  3. c a road sign
  4. d the crosswalk
  5. e a traffic light

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  1. to be located
  2. to get (in a car, on a train)
  3. a sidewalk
  4. a place where four cars meet
  5. to give directions

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  1. une ruea lane; road; track


  2. descendre (de)to go down; to get off


  3. la circulationa ticket


  4. un croisementa rotary; roundabout


  5. une voiea street


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