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  1. Symbiosis
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Taiga
  4. Ecology
  5. Parasitism
  1. a ________________ is a relationship in which an organism of one species benefits at the expense of another organism of another species (one is happy and one is sad).
  2. b A relationship between two kinds of organisms that lasts over time is called _____________.
  3. c ______________ consists of the living and non-living things in an area that interact with one another
  4. d The study of organisms and how they interact in an ecosystem.
  5. e ___________ is a cool forest of cone-bearing evergreen trees.

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  1. Any non-living part of the ecosystem, such as water, minerals, sunlight, air, or soil,is an _______________.
  2. An attempt by organisms to obtain a resource that is available in limited supply.
  3. What root word means "living"?
  4. When a population has access to ample food, living space, and other resources, it will grow very quickly in a pattern called ________________.
  5. An ____________ is the part of a river where fresh water meets the sea and is affected by the tides.

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  1. HumusEach species has a different _________, or role in the community.


  2. CommunityAll the populations living in an area make up a ___________.


  3. Carrying CapacityAn environmental factor that limits how large a population can grow.


  4. NicheA ___________ is a region that has a particular climate and contains certain types of plants and animals.


  5. EcosystemsThe living things in an area are parts of special systems called ___________.


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