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Chapter Eight Business Law Test

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  1. computer crimes
  2. search warrant
  3. blackmail
  4. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  5. facilitation payments
  1. a (grease payments) legal payments to speed up/ensure performance of normal government duties
  2. b judicial authorization for a search of property
  3. c extortion demands made by a nonpublic official
  4. d federal law that makes it a felony to influence decision makers in other countries for the purpose of obtaining business
  5. e wrongs committed using a computer or with knowledge of computers.

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  1. constitutional protection against self-incrimination; also guarantees due process
  2. warnings required to prevent self-incrimination in a criminal matter
  3. illegal demand by a public officer acting with apparent authority.
  4. federal reforms passed as a result of the collapses of companies, provides for longer sentences and higher fines for both executives and companies
  5. privacy protection that prohibits unauthorized searches and seizures

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  1. due processcrime of issuing or delivering a forged instrument to another person


  2. grease paymentsstatutory offense consisting of the unlawful conversion of property entrusted to the wrongdoer.


  3. Economic Espionage Act (EEA)federal law that makes it a felony to copy, download, transmit, material from a computer to an unauthorized person


  4. Sixth Amendmentconstitutional protection against self-incrimination; also guarantees due process


  5. crimeviolation of the law that is punished as an offense against the state or government


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