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  1. Age of Rebirth, golden age of art, literature, intellectuals. referred back to greek, roman ages, skipped "backwards" Middle Ages. Individualism grew, people began taking credit for their own works rather than crediting God
  2. Invented Printing Press, movable type (1452). Allowed him to print 200 bibles in a year (as ornate as any hand-written one). Led to significant increase in literacy, allowed for Reformation to spread so rapidly
  3. Students that used Cicero's involvement in political causes for public classical education. Served in Florence as diplomats/worked in the chancellery office (official documentation). Took Petrarch one step further, studied Greek

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  1. Thomas More (1478-1535)The greatest northern humanist, collected cliches in Adages; used satire to criticize church's problems; Handbook of the Christian Knight emphasized inner faith vs. outer forms of worship (sacraments, etc.). Translated the Bible into Latin. Wanted to reform the church, NOT abandon it.


  2. MachiavelliA program of study including rhetoric and literature based on the classical world (500 BC-500 AD)


  3. Erasmus (1466-1536)Very important northern humanist, wrote Utopia (nowhere). Depicted civilization having political and economic injustices limited by having all property held in common. Highly critical of certain practices of the church, but gave his life for his beliefs. Executed by Henry VIII for refusing to take the oath regarding Henry as Head of Church of England


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