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  1. Chapter Officer: Responding Secretary
  2. The auxiliary color
  3. Who created the first website, and when?
  4. Committee Chair: Service
  5. Chapter Officer: President
  1. a Keith Ensminger (1997)
  2. b Megan Hall
  3. c Devin Ford
  4. d Brooke Deschenes
  5. e White

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  1. National President and National Secretary
  2. Kait Rodgers
  3. Maria Harner
  4. Lindsay Libengood
  5. Jello Wrestling

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  1. Committee Chair: AlumniEmily Rock


  2. Chapter Officer: ParliamentarianJen Elliott


  3. Who wrote the music and lyrics to each"Brother"words and music by Thomas Ted Daniels and "Brothers Are We" music by Charles Darrin and words Edward Ingraham


  4. Chapter Officer: Initiate advisorTracy Migliori


  5. Chapter Officer: Co-initiate advisorTracy Migliori


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