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  1. Who created the first website, and when?
  2. The names of the fraternal songs
  3. Committee Chair: Social
  4. Only way an individual may become a member of Phi Sigma Pi
  5. Chapter Officer: Webmaster
  1. a Keith Ensminger (1997)
  2. b Sam Steger
  3. c The Ritual
  4. d Kait Rodgers
  5. e "Brother" and "Brothers Are We"

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  1. Emily Rock
  2. Dr. Lynn Baynum
  3. White
  4. Jen Elliott
  5. Kate Garvick

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  1. Committee Chair: Inter chapterMegan Hall


  2. Committee Chair: ScholarshipMike Hageman


  3. Chapter Officer: TreasurerDevin Ford


  4. Name of the membership certificateThe Shingle


  5. Chapter Officer: PresidentDevin Ford


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