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  1. benevolent
  2. abysmal
  3. imply
  4. pervasive
  5. oblivious
  1. a indicate, to refer to something
  2. b smile, kindly, charitable
  3. c spread around , throughout
  4. d terrible, extremely bad; very deep
  5. e unaware of anything

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  1. to praise, to extol
  2. to lie
  3. anxious, uncomfortable feeling
  4. excessive love of one's body or oneself
  5. plain, not a show off

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  1. ameliorateto improve, make better, correct a flaw or shortcoming


  2. extolto praise highly


  3. mitigateto lessen or make less severe or harsh


  4. gesticulateto make gestures


  5. laconicusing few words


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