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  1. double covalent bond
  2. nonpolar covalent bond
  3. atom
  4. atomic weight
  5. ion
  1. a smallest unit of matter that still retains the properties of an element
  2. b sharing two pairs of valence electrons
  3. c mass of an atom
  4. d two atoms are equally electronegative
  5. e charged atom

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  1. substance consisting of two or more elements combined in a fixed ratio
  2. sum of protons plus neutrons in nucleus
  3. positively charged ion
  4. attraction of an atom for the electrons
  5. sharing of a pair of valence electrons by two atoms

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  1. matterpositively charged ion


  2. potential energyability to do work


  3. polar covalent bondone atom is more electronegative than another


  4. valence electronoutermost electron shell


  5. isotopeatoms that have more neutrons than other atoms of the same element and therefore weigh more


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