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  1. The Bible (Greek for book) is a collection of books, a minilibrary.
  2. God is the primary author.
  3. All that God has taught about himself and his people.
  4. Tells people how to live wisely.
    Contains psalms, poems, prayers, sermons, etc.
  5. Considered sacred by Jewish and Christian people. It is a preperation for the Gospel, which fulfills God's law.
  6. Word refers to God's original law.

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  1. Four Parts of the Old TestamentLaw, Historical books, Wisdom Literature, Prophetic.


  2. New TestamentImportant because Jesus is at the center. last book was written in about 100 AD.


  3. LawMade up of five books of the Bible.
    Usally called the Pentateuch, which means "five scrolls"
    Tells stories about the begining of God's people, creation and the covenent.
    Also called the Torah.


  4. TraditionThe beliefs and practices that have been passed down throughout the ages and have become a part of the Church's teachings.


  5. InterpretationKey to understanding what God says to us in the Bible.


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