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  1. Mandate of Heaven
  2. Ganges
  3. Brahimins
  4. Chang Jiang
  5. Aryans
  1. a a river in India that flows into the Bay of Bengal; in Hinduism, it is known as a sacred river
  2. b The longest river in Asia, flowing through eastern China.
  3. c The gods would support a just ruler, but now allow an unjust ruler to keep control, the reason Shang Dynasty was overthrown
  4. d A Sanskrit word meaning "noble"
  5. e fewest, priests, and teachers

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  1. During summer months monsoon winds bring warm air and moisture up from Indian Ocean
  2. warriors and rulers
  3. a major river of Asia in northern China
  4. Bottom members of society, not part of caste systems
  5. A limitless force that is part of all creation, through it all things in nature are connected, embraced ancient Chinese concept of yin and yang

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  1. Monarchyrule by a single person


  2. SudrasFour main social classes


  3. IndusLeaders of a particular region- war leader


  4. Agricultural Societytype of society characterized by the use of draft animals and plows in the tilling of fields


  5. AnalectsHe believes rules ought to treat subjects fairly, in return subjects ought to show loyalty and respect for ruler, children must respect parents, duty of all educated people to devote themselves to public service


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