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  1. No limpies tu sala.
  2. No bailes.
  3. No escribas.
  4. No decores el patio.
  5. No pases la aspiradora.
  1. a Don't decorate the patio.
  2. b Don't dance.
  3. c Don't clean your living room.
  4. d Don't write.
  5. e Don't vaccuum.

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  1. Don't cut the lawn.
  2. Don't wash the dishes.
  3. Don't do your homework.
  4. Don't draw.
  5. Don't cook.

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  1. No hagasDon't set/put


  2. No pongasDon't set/put


  3. No salgas de los amigos.Don't go out with friends.


  4. No sacudas los muebles.Don't dust.


  5. No pongas la mesa.Don't prepare the dinner.


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