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  1. No limpies tu sala.
  2. No cantes.
  3. No hagas tu quehaceres.
  4. No escribas.
  5. No leas libros.
  1. a Don't clean your living room.
  2. b Don't sing.
  3. c Don't read books.
  4. d Don't do your chores.
  5. e Don't write.

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  1. Don't dance.
  2. Don't listen.
  3. Don't cook.
  4. Don't have a bad day.
  5. Don't go out with friends.

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  1. No hagas tu tarea.Don't do your homework.


  2. No barras el piso.Don't decorate the patio.


  3. No comas.Don't eat.


  4. No sacudas los muebles.Don't dust.


  5. No prepares la cena.Don't set the table.


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