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  1. popcorn
  2. Kaskaskia
  3. Thomas Kilbride
  4. First Monday in Dec.
  5. draw straws
  1. a How ties are settled in Governor elections
  2. b state snack
  3. c Judges terms begin/County official terms begin
  4. d First capital of Illinois
  5. e Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice

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  1. Number of delegates who attended the 1969 convention
  2. state soil
  3. Term of office for associate judges
  4. Supreme Court Sessions begin
  5. Number of County Board Districts

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  1. Shadrach BondFirst state governor of Illinois


  2. Cardinalstate bird


  3. 25, Citizen, Il. resident 3 yearsTerm of office for Illinois Senators


  4. 15number of delegates in 1969 who were women


  5. Samuel WitwerPresident of the Illinois Constitutional Convention


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