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  1. Dec. 3, 1818
  2. Quorum
  3. November
  4. 59
  5. 23
  1. a Number of Senators in the General Assembly
  2. b Term that means one more than half are present
  3. c veto sessions is even numbered years
  4. d Illinois became a state
  5. e Number of Illinois district circuit courts

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  1. Current Lt. Governor
  2. Speaker of the Illinois House
  3. Date the Constitutional Convention ended
  4. Types of Illinois taxes
  5. Our County Board district number

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  1. 97Members on the Judicial Inquiry Board


  2. 1433Days one house may adjourn without permission of othe house


  3. Lisa MadiganSpeaker of the Illinois House


  4. draw strawsHow ties are settled in Governor elections


  5. 2nd Mon. in Jan.General Assembly sessions begin


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