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  1. Kathy Michael
  2. First Tuesday after the first Monday in November
  3. Violet
  4. Prairie State
  5. Springfield
  1. a state nickname
  2. b state flower
  3. c Election Day
  4. d Current state capital since 1839
  5. e McLean County Clerk

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  1. Number of County Board Districts
  2. County Board President
  3. General Assembly sessions begin
  4. Days each house gets to override a Gov. veto
  5. Total number of counties in Illinois

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  1. Samuel WitwerRep. 101st district


  2. 14McLean Co. district court number


  3. First Monday in Dec.Supreme Court Sessions begin


  4. Robert KahmanSecretary of the Illinois Constitutional Convention


  5. Big Blue StemMcLean County Sheriff


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