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  1. 7
  2. 3 years
  3. Ninian Edwards
  4. 2nd Mon. in Jan.
  5. First Tuesday after the first Monday in November
  1. a Territorial Governor of Illinois
  2. b Term of office for a Chief Justice
  3. c Election Day
  4. d Terms begin for Executive branch members
  5. e Number of judges on the Illinois Supreme Court

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  1. General Assembly sessions begin
  2. number of delegates in 1969 who were women
  3. Current Governor
  4. Illinois line of succession
  5. Members on the Judicial Inquiry Board

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  1. draw strawsHow ties are settled in Governor elections


  2. Painted TurtlePresident of the Illinois Constitutional Convention


  3. Matt SorensonCounty Board President


  4. 6 yearsGeneral Assembly sessions end


  5. Springfieldstate fish


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