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  1. In what direction is the "normal" force on a system?
  2. The friction vector acts in what direction with respect to the system's motion?
  3. Friction always occurs between systems in what?
  4. Newton's second law is the law of accelerated motion, what does this law state and what is the formula that goes along with the law?
  5. In the formula for accelerated motion, what do the variables mean and what are the units for each variable?

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  1. Mechanical equilibriumWhen the net force on a system is zero there is no motion and the system is said to be in a state of what?


  2. inertiaFriction depends on the kind of what in contact?


  3. FrictionWhat is a contact force that opposes the movement of objects past each other?


  4. Moving past each otherFriction always occurs between systems in what?


  5. MaterialsWhat property of matter makes it want to continue to move indefinitely unless acted upon by an outside force?


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